A Medical College Student Faced Threats for Three Years and an Attempt to Murder. No One is Taking an Action.
Where is this world leading to?

We hear about rape, ogling and harassment stories every day. In fact, every hour.  We are tired of shouting and hearing that the country is not safe for women.  I am stunned to know that even professional medical colleges are not safe enough for women? Surabhi Yadav, a medical student in Sardar Patel Dental College, Lucknow...

Bipolar Nature of Our Government Towards Moody’s Analysis and Reports
Two years ago, Moody's apparently had no credibility to make reports and statements. What happened now?

Modi Ji on Moody. Today as soon as I opened my Twitter account, #Moody was trending. It does sound like a troll hashtag against our Prime Minister but no, it isn’t. It is regarding the ‘good’ news-  Moody’s Investors Service (“Moody’s”) has today upgraded the Government of India’s local and foreign currency issuer ratings. To brief about...
padmavati controversy

Someone Wrote an Open Letter to Deepika Padukone for Calling India ‘Regressed’
"Many women–urban, educated, fiercely independent–would have a problem with having you as their spokesperson."

Padmavati Controversy is reaching next levels with every passing second. It is a fact that few communities in India take time to get settled with period films. They get easily offended even if they feel there is the slightest deviation from the facts or there has been a misinterpretation. Now, as every one is clearly...
wittyfeed sanskari bahu

I Didn’t Expect WittyFeed To Have Such Regressive Thinking About Women Smoking
WittyFeed, You need to learn to respect women and understand the power of impact

I am not an extreme feminist but yes, if something is openly and evidently wrong, I cannot resist myself without pointing it out. TAKEN ABACK BY THIS… WittyFeed is apparently one the most viral content website with 2 Million Facebook followers. Hence, we expect some interesting and decent content from the team. If not, interesting,...
mallika dua_akshay kumar

Do Not Play Feminism Card For Convenience and Do Not Make Patriotism Scary
Whole Mallika Dua and Akshay Kumar Scuffle Teaches Us Something

We read million times celebs talking about feminism, women empowerment or workplace harassment. It’s great that they talk and such issues are brought to notice else people hardly ever agree to listen to a common Woman’s voice. But in midst of all, what’s heartbreaking which eventually loses the impression is that why such talks are...
smog in delhi after diwali

This Diwali, I Gifted Myself An Air Purifier. Let’s Celebrate?
And unlike the illegal sale of crackers, I bought it legitimately.

The crackers sale ban is ON in Delhi NCR. But still, from past three days, in the mornings, I can’t sit in my balcony and have a nice cup of tea in the fresh air. It’s days from Diwali and stinky firecrackers’ grey colors lunge in the morning breeze. It feels that with one Pranayama exercise,...
sushma swaraj speech at UN

China Calls Sushma Swaraj’s UN Speech “Arrogant”, Needs To Take A Long, Hard Look At Itself
Even Big Buddy Can't Correct The Blunder

The heated exchange between India and Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly now has another player. Unsurprisingly, China stepped in to support its long-time buddy, Pakistan, when it really needed it. In a response to Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj’s hard-hitting speech at the UNGA, China said that the speech was “arrogant” and also...

Navratri Special: 4 Vrat Recipes With a Twist to Make Your Fasting Fun
Happy Feasting or Fasting! Whatever you prefer. :P

Eating same old fasting food every day for 7 days makes Navratri boring and monotonous. How long can one eat  Sabudana ki Tikki or pumpkin curry with rice or oily puris? But what if I tell you that you can break these culinary boundaries without breaking the fasting rules? This Navratri season, ditch the old traditional...
breakfast in gurgaon

8 Breakfast Spots in Gurgaon To Kick-Start Your Mornings With Good Food
Start your day sunny side up!

Let’s talk about breakfast in Gurgaon. A happy start to a day begins with a hearty breakfast meal. Don’t believe me? Even the scientists say so. I don’t know about you but my day begins with thinking about what I should have for breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day....
google tez review

Earn ₹9,000 With Google’s New Payment App For India-Tez
Uses Sound To Transfer Money. How cool!!

“Send money home to your family, split a dinner bill with friends, or pay the neighbourhood chaiwala. Make all payments big or small, directly from your bank account with Tez, Google’s new digital payment app for India,” Google notes in its information portal about the new app, Tez. Tez is not a mobile virtual wallet...
Netflix addiction

Found Quick Tests To Check If You Are Obsessed With Netflix. You Need To Chill
These are signals to wake up

All hail Netflix! More time we spend with Netflix, the more our relationship with the streaming service becomes more obsessive  So, if any of these habits describe you, you might want to think about the addiction and stepping into the daylight for a little while. 1. You tell yourself almost every night “just one more episode”...
what women say vs what they mean

10 Important Phrases Your Wife Or Girlfriend Says And What Actually They Mean
A Quick Help Guide For Men. It is much more than 'Do I look fat in this dress?'

Gentlemen and young boys out there, we know you struggle with a huge issue of understanding women. Learning perfect reply to “Am I looking fat?” is not enough for future challenges, my friend. You always have a long way to go. The key is women do not put heart and mind in her words but...

These Game Of Thrones Season 8 Predictions and Fan Theories Totally Make Sense
It's going to be massive

The long wait for Game of Thrones Season Eight and apparently the final one for the series has begun. But surprisingly and thankfully there’s a lot of content from last seasons to occupy fans’ time for about two years. A number of big secrets were revealed in Season Seven, there’s a lot more expected in store for...

The Chainsmokers Put Up A Spectacular Show Last Night At Their Concert In Noida
All that happened in their Road to Ultra India Concert

So, The Chainsmokers were in Delhi last night for their concert ‘Road to Ultra India’ after they put a power-packed show in Mumbai on Thursday. The concert took place at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida where a huge crowd of youth was seen cheering up. The duo was on their Memories tour kicking off in...
samantha jones

Why I Want To Be Awesome As Samantha Jones From Sex And The City
Hello, my name is Fabulous

“Hello, my name is fabulous!”- This is Samantha Jones from your favourite Sex And The City. There is hardly any viewer of this series who has never adored this woman. Samantha Jones character is an epitome of self-confidence, charisma and boldness. Apart from Samantha’s promiscuity, she is everything a hard working girl aims to be....

Cyber Hub is Getting a New Makeover. You Are Invited For Free Food & Musical Evening
Good food, music, and unveiling of Cyber Hub 2.0

Anyone who works or lives in Gurugram, Cyber Hub is their go-to place to party hard and celebrate TGIF’s. Your favourite happening spot for party and leisure is getting a makeover tomorrow. And everyone is invited to the unveiling of the new avatar that Cyber Hub will be. No one knows what all is loaded...
uber called customer bitch

Uber Customer Service Changed Woman’s Name To ‘Bitch’ After Reading Her Complaint

UberEats is apparently a service which cancels your order after making you wait an hour and a half, then change your name to “Bitch” when you complain. YES! It’s true. We are not making it up. The 25-year-old, Reardon, San Francisco resident told HuffPost she ordered some Mission-style burritos for some visitors on Monday night...

Xiaomi Has Launched Its First Stock Android Phone And It Looks Promising
Snapdragon 625, dual cameras, and stock android for $230

Xiaomi unveiled the brand new Xiaomi Mi A1 in Delhi yesterday. A flagship model for India, Mi A1 is a part of Google’s Android One platform. With a decent price of INR 14,999, the phone has a lot to offer. It comes with a 5.5 inch 1080p full HD display, Snapdragon 625 processor, 4 GB...
gauri lankesh

With Gauri Lankesh, Freedom Of Speech and Journalism Have Been Shot
Journalists killings test India's values

In a shocking incident, senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, a well-known critic of the right wing forces, was shot dead at her house in Bengaluru. Gauri Lankesh was the editor of weekly Kannada tabloid magazine Lankesh Patrike, a columnist in newspapers, a panelist on TV channels besides being an activist. She is a household name for...

This App Will Reveal If Your Partner Is Cheating On You
It will catch you red handed

Dating apps are making it very easy to find someone to hook up with-whether you’re single or in a supposedly monogamous relationship. You can hide all you want. You can have a look and swipe through the potential conquests to your heart’s content and apparently your partner will never know unless they can unlock and...
teacher's day

Teacher’s Day Is Here But Sorry, Not All Teachers Deserve To Be Celebrated
Recognizing the teachers who are nightmares for kids

Since the time we were in school, we were told to treat our teachers like near-gods. Every Teacher’s Day, we were supposed to write tributes to them for making us who we are. But for a lot of kids, teachers made them scared, under-confident young adults. If you weren’t one of the “intelligent” kids, you...
zoiey smale

This Beauty Queen Was Told She Was Too Fat To Compete In International Pagents
She hands back her crown!

Zoiey Smale, a 28-year-old UK Citizen, is also the winner of Miss UK title. After winning one of the most prestigious beauty titles of the world, she was preparing to represent her country at Miss United Continents 2017 that is being hosted by Ecuador this year. She, however, returned her title and her only chance...

GOT 7 is over. But Thank God!, We Have Netflix Narcos Season 3 to Look Forward to
A new cartel to bust but a familiar DEA Agent to do it.

Games of Thrones Season 7 is over. And, we all will have to wait till 2019 for the last season to know who sits on the throne. If the world seems bleak and purposeless to you, here is a ray of hope for you. Narcos Season 3 is launching today on Netflix. In season 2,...
mumbai building collapsed

What is Happening in Mumbai? Now, A Building Collapsed in Bhendi Bazaar
More than 22 people have been killed in this 117 years old building collapse

The multi-storey 117 years old building collapsed today in the Bhendi Bazaar area of Mumbai. The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) had declared the building unsafe in 2011. But why was it still in operation? The residents in the locality said that nine families were staying in this dilapidated structure. By now, at...
Gorakhpur tragedy

Gorakhpur Tragedy- A Human Cry for Help! But The Administration Is Caught In Politics
Number of Hindus and Muslims are being counted and asked not leave their children on government’s mercy. WTH!

Baba Raghav Das medical college hospital has recently been too much in news and for a bad reason. In the month of August, over 290 deaths have been reported at this medical college. After few years, like many other tragedies, this will definitely be named as Gorakhpur Tragedy. And all getting worse because of pure...

You Can’t Call Yourself A ‘Movie Buff’ If You Haven’t Watched This French Movie
Cuppa hot coffee with this movie!

French people have got many things to brag about; French kiss, French toast, & French Cinema. Amelie, a 2001 French Romantic Comedy happens to be a perfect gem in the last category. It is a kind of a movie you thank graciously to its makers to bring such a marvel to people who appreciate good...
Durex advertisement for Game of Thrones

This New Durex Ad Has Very Smartly Addressed Game Of Thrones
John Snow must have a look at this

The condom brand Durex has launched a new online advertisement using Game Of Thrones season 7 finale concept. The ad puns on the word incest, which is a big part of the show’s plot.  Durex is definitely a pro when it comes to viral advertisements, be it bringing Durex Jeans or hoaxing about weird flavors launch....
diana death conspiracy

20 Years To Princess Diana’s Death, Yet The Clouds of Suspicion Hover Over
Who killed Princess Diana?

Princess Di, People’s Princess, or Princess of Wale. Lady Diana had carved a special place in the people’s heart. On 31 August 1997, when the tragic news of her death came, everyone in the world was grief struck. Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayad were killed in a car accident in Pont de l’Alma Tunnel...
India's first transgender soldier

India’s First Transgender Soldier Getting Job Threats
But still, vows to fight for her job

Shabi was born male and known as M.K Giri joined the Marine Engineering Department of the Eastern Naval Command seven years ago. Last year she decided to finally achieve the gender identity which suited her body. She went through a sex reassignment surgery in Delhi and is now a woman. She has become India’s first...
smuggling abortion pills

This Indian Guy Was Smuggling Abortion Pills Worth ₹2.3 Million
You could imagine only gold and diamonds worth smuggling.

Sri Lankan authorities have arrested an Indian man for allegedly smuggling highly potent abortion pills worth ₹ 2.3 million, according to a media report today. The Indian, who arrived from New Delhi on a SriLankan Airlines flight yesterday, had tried to leave without declaring the huge quantity of the pills, the Colombo Page reported. Upon...
mumbai rain

Mumbai Heavy Rain Situation Out Of Control. Even Helpline Numbers Are Not Working.
What has Government learnt in 12 years?

Floods have paralyzed Mumbai as India and region are hit by heaviest rains after 12 years. The financial capital city is still counting its losses even as weather improves after torrential downpour. Similar flood kind situation arouse like 12 years ago but has Maharashtra Government learnt anything? None of the emergency lines are working. Fire...
game of thrones making

‘Game Of Thrones’ Behind-The-Scenes Video For Season 7 Finale Is A Must Watch
Dragon pit scene is a treat

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, wasn’t the finale of GOT season 7. The story doesn’t seem simple and making is definitely not. Each character and scene have the layers which bring the viewers to predict the next move. The most intriguing parts were Dragon pit, Dead army man presentation in front of Lannisters...

These 15 Movies Are Strikingly Different From Romantic Clichés
These Will Make You Feel More Than Love

Romantic movies have a way of either making us feel uplifted and happy or they make us feel like shit. Either way, we watch them whenever the going gets tough. Don’t pretend you don’t, boys. Watching a romantic film doesn’t make you “weak.” But sometimes, these films have the same storyline. Boy meets girl, they...

These 10 Countries Are The Happiest!
Countries with the best quality of life

I came across this article which was about the lifestyle of various countries around the globe and I was amazed to know that there is some organization that actually compares the living standards of different countries. The organization name is Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). All the countries are compared on 11 factors...
GOT finale tweets

The Funniest Twitter Reactions On Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale
John is not a bastard but he will probably make one.

After the hype of leaks and conspiracy theories, the GOT Season 7 has finally ended. Viewers had plenty of reasons to freak out in the last episode of the season. Twitter was as usual full of reactions where each and every twist squirmed as us. Here are some best of the reactions for everything that happened...

Facts About ‘Love Charger’, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Rape Convict Which Will Make You Question The Government
15 YO Case finally brought to justice

Dera Sacha Sauda Leader, Guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ‘Insan’ has been charged guilty of the rape case by Special CBI Court in Panchkula, Haryana today afternoon. The 50-year-old spiritual leader has been taken into judicial custody and the quantum of sentence will be announced on Monday. He could be facing 7 years in jail and...

Wardrobe Essentials Every Lazy Girl Should Have in her Closet
Slay your lazy look!

Dressing up can be a mammoth task for lazy girls. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like trends and fashion. Lazy girls believe in comfort styling which requires less time and hassle to get ready. Fashion comes in all sizes and personalities. Even the comfy jammies can be a fashion statement if worn right. Here’s all...

Meet Aryana Sayeed, ‘Kim Kardashian’ Of Afghanistan Defying Conservatism
Threats don’t scare this firebrand

On August 19, Afghanistan celebrated its 98th independence day. But in a popular hotel in Kabul, a woman celebrated her own independence by performing at a concert. This woman is 32-year-old Aryana Sayeed, also known as Afghanistan’s Kim Kardashian. She bears a physical likeness to the reality TV star, and often dresses like her, but...
Echoes cafe, New Delhi

These ‘Special’ Restaurants Have Got Something to Inspire You
Not just food but it's the differently abled staff.

A restaurant may appeal to you for three reasons; either it has got good food, the ambiance is electric, or the interiors are chic. But how many times have you seen the restaurant staff being special? Having a physically impaired waiter waiting for your table or a deaf person taking your order might make you...
Triple talaq judgement

All You Need To Know About The Triple Talaq Judgement
5-judge Supreme Court bench has barred the controversial Triple Talaq practice

The verdict on “Triple Talaq” practice is out and Muslim women are going gaga with the results. On Tuesday, The Supreme Court has ruled out the validity of Triple Talaq as void. Triple Talaq is a procedure where Muslim men had the right to divorce their wife just by pronouncing the word “Talaq” three times...

Her Husband Was Hacked To Death For Marrying Her. But 20-Year-Old Kausalya Isn’t Scared Anymore
Will honour killings in Free India ever end?

On March 13, 2016, India once again woke up to the terrible reality of caste-based murders. Kausalya, then 18, and her husband, Shankar, were out shopping when a mob of murderers hacked Shankar to death in Udumalaipettai in Tamil Nadu, all for the “crime” of marrying an “upper-caste” girl. Shankar was Dalit, while Kausalya belonged...

You Need A Break! 7 Quick Getaways From Bangalore To Have Lovely Weekend
You plan for the weekend is set.

Life of Bangaloreans does not stop there. Continuous email checks, con calls, and client meetings. The place moves so fast that catching up with life becomes difficult sometimes. You need a break! Spending a weekend out of Bengaluru won’t hurt much. Bangalore is beautiful so is its vicinity of Bangalore. A lot of tranquility and...

Game Of Thrones Season 07 Spoilers And Predictions: Who Will Die Next?
Your cheat sheet for Season 07 finale

With Season 07 finale and just one more season to go, Game of Thrones has got everyone sitting on the edge. The curiosity and suspense are killing everyone so much so that people all over the world have come up with crazy fan theories and predictions some of which have held true so far. Coming...
indias first sci fi shirt film carbon

India’s First Sci-Fi Short Film Is Here
Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays a man from Mars

Have you ever thought how would the world look like 60 years from now? Set in 2067, recently released sci-fi short movie, Carbon shows human life in Delhi which has disastrous repercussions of pollution. This futuristic video portrays a  scenario where there is a dearth of oxygen and only carbon prevails in the air. This leads...

If You Have Watched These TV Shows, Your Childhood Was Awesome!
No Saas Bahu or Naagin saga

Reminiscing childhood brings in a cocktail of emotions with itself. Sometimes, just a tiny spark of some childhood memory opens up the gates to the fantasy land called “the childhood”. Amongst other things, TV shows were an important part of the time. Today, once again travel down the memory lane with me and with 15...

Torture Techniques: Why Do Indian Parents Still Believe In Raising Scarred IIT Toppers?
Are scores and grades more important than your kid's happiness?

By now, you would’ve seen the viral video shared by the cricketer, Virat Kohli, and many others – a video of a child being yelled at and slapped because she’s having trouble with numbers. If you haven’t seen it, that’s pretty much the crux of it. The child’s tears and screams of mercy have become...
maternity wear

This Children Maternity Wear Launched To Highlight 7 Million Under Age Pregnancies
Unnatural and disturbing for a reason

A day has come when a biting issue needs to be highlighted by bringing a commercialising edge to it. Paola Suhonen, a well-known fashion designer has created a “Maternity Wear for a 12-Year-Old” campaign to bring attention and raise awareness of the problem of childhood pregnancy in many countries. The intention of this campaign is...
Polish viking

The Internet Can’t Believe The Age Of This Fitness Fanatic
Your guess is not even close.

What do you do when greys start showing up? Hide them or color them. We all want to age gracefully but we don’t know how to. It’s almost horrifying to think about ageing or looking older. Thanks to Instagram and other photo sharing applications which may you look younger and so much better with its filters and...
Bangalore days

You Ought To Watch ‘Bangalore Days’ If You Love Your Cousins
An ode to relationship with cousins

It was my friend from office who introduced me to the Malayalam Movie- Bangalore Days. TBH, I was reluctant to watch the movie at first. But since I have a penchant for languages, I thought “Why not give it a try?” Watching Tollywood Films with funnily odd titles and next-to-impossible action sequences had shaken my faith...

Malala has landed to Oxford and we can’t stop gushing about it.
She wants to be the next Benazir Bhutto

We got to know more about Malala Yousafzai when she was shot by a Taliban Gunman because she advocated for all Pakistani girls and their right to education. Malala survived the attack and was also awarded Nobel Peace Prize for her work, which is the highest prestige one can get, considering she was only 17 at...

If you are in Pune, you cannot miss these 11 must-visit food joints.
From Vada Pav to American Breakfast

We love Pune! Especially its cafés and amazing foot joints. Everyone loves food there- be it a high-class businessman, a student or a scooter riding middle-class employee. To know why so, check out these 11 joints to have the best food in Pune and if you are there, go on a food tasting spree in...
Genius Child

This Indian origin kid has become a sensation in the land of Britain
His IQ is more than Albert Einstein's and Stephen Hawking's

Rahul, a 12-year-old Indian origin boy, became an instant sensation after displaying his intelligence and panache. Recently, Rahul took part in a show broadcasted on Channel 4, Child Genius. He answered 14 out of 14 right questions in the first round of the competition. It is believed that Rahul has an IQ score of 162...
11 Cozy Book-cafes In Delhi Bibliophiles Can’t Miss

13 Cozy Book Cafes In Delhi Bibliophiles Can’t Miss!
If you think reading is boring, you are doing it wrong.

What’s your last memory of visiting a bookstore? Amazon and Flipkart have made our lives easier, alas, at a cost. We’ve exchanged the charm and excitement of discovering new books in a bookstore for convenience.  Thankfully, there’s a way to bring back the joy of finding new books. In fact, there are 11. You have...
The crown season 2 trailer

The Crown Season 2 trailer is here and it seems to be more intense and captivating this time
We are so waiting. Dec 8, come soon!

Netflix has released the trailer for series- The Crown Season 2. By trailer, it seems the series will take a leap of few years and will cover Queen Elizabeth II reign from the mid-50s to 60s. Season 1 ended with Prince Philip (Matt Smith) and The Queen (Claire Foy) on a foul disagreement and the...
Girlipyapa video To pee or not to pee

This video has humorously hit the right buttons when comes to women hygiene issues
Shakespeare asked 'To pee or not to pee?'

There is a new Girliyapa video which discusses the women’s issues and struggles in dealing with dirty toilets. Even in workplaces! Women asking for a toilet is a gigantic rage. But sloppy and unhygienic toilets are a reality. Women out there try Michael Jackson poses , hover in the air and much more. It is...
tendulkar attended parliament rajya sabha

This is what happened when Sachin Tendulkar attended a Rajya Sabha session

The rare appearance by the ‘God of Cricket’, Sachin Tendulkar attended a Rajya Sabha session, took all of us by surprise. It became a hot news. Recently, many issues have been raised by the opposition parties regarding the attendance of many Members of Parliament including Sachin Tendulkar and the veteran actor, Rekha. Probably after the...

10 Vintage controversial ads which are sexist AF!
So dumb and it gets dumber.

About four decades ago gender equality and women empowerment were some terms mentioned only in dictionaries. You will be surprised to know the ‘so called’ then developed countries had few ‘learned’ people who used to portray woman as a zippo. There are few vintage controversial advertisements which are still remembered because of their derogatory concepts....

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