This Beauty Queen Was Told She Was Too Fat To Compete In International Pagents
She hands back her crown!

Zoiey Smale, a 28-year-old UK Citizen, is also the winner of Miss UK title. After winning one of the most prestigious beauty titles of the world, she was preparing to represent her country at Miss United Continents 2017 that is being hosted by Ecuador this year.

She, however, returned her title and her only chance to become the queen of the world! So what went wrong? Well, the answer to that is “euphemistic body shaming”.

zoiey smale beauty queen

She is a size 10 model and she was asked to decrease as much weight as possible before the Miss United Continent contest. The international directors of the contest had made the request (though was not much of a request!). They said that in order to prove she is a serious contestant she needs to lose weight. The obvious reaction of Zoiey Smale was anger. In an interview with Daily Mail, she said, “I was like, “pardon?” It was one of those things; in the 21st century you don’t actually expect people to be that blunt”.

Smale was so shell-shocked that she hung up the phone and decided to return back the title, after thinking about it for 15 days. I think she did a right thing. She had been competing in such beauty competitions since the age of 18 years and never felt so humiliated.

Smale is of the opinion that Beauty Pageants should be more about the personality of a woman and less about the cloth size she wears.

Smale expects that her bold step will infuse confidence in other young women who aspire to hold the title one day; she expects them to know the actual reality of this industry.

Smale expressed her disappointment about the fact that despite all the transformations that have happened in this industry, there are some who sees women only as someone who should be flaunting slim bodies in their bikinis.
Smale says, “Real queens empower others, are intelligent and help communities come together.”

Smale received widespread applause for her strong reaction towards the industry that has narrowed down the meaning of “beauty” at such a pathetic level.

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