I Didn’t Expect WittyFeed To Have Such Regressive Thinking About Women Smoking
WittyFeed, You need to learn to respect women and understand the power of impact

I am not an extreme feminist but yes, if something is openly and evidently wrong, I cannot resist myself without pointing it out.


WittyFeed is apparently one the most viral content website with 2 Million Facebook followers. Hence, we expect some interesting and decent content from the team. If not, interesting, you expect something acceptable from a brand like WittyFeed.

BUT, the other day, I was so disgusted to read one of their articles.

wittyfeed sanskaari bahu

Such an open bigot and misogynist content which has no logical relevance but written in a way to shame all mentioned female actors who SMOKE.

Headlining it “When ‘Sanskaari Bahus’ Of TV Were Caught Puffing On A Cigarette” to attract the attention of readers is nothing less but using the power of impact to breed recessive thinking.

What’s up with this loud and shocking headline? Did you see a guy in pink heels there?

I’m not defending smoking here but pointing out the digressive attitude. The question is not about health disaster. It has everything to do with being victimized by a patriarchal thought reflection wherein women ‘shouldn’t smoke simply BECAUSE they’re women’.


For Shweta Basu, ‘The actress in the next slide was once caught in a sex scandal.’ and ‘Isn’t she looking like a pro?

wittyfeed sanskari bahu

What’s up this slandering expression?

You are shaming a person on basis of her personal lifestyle choices, her past which is not related at all and portraying her as some wasted actress.

This one really is really disturbing:

Shveta Salve (It is Shveta, not Shweta. God! You couldn’t even research this much).

The actress in the next slide, is a mother of one’.

Wittyfeed sanskaari

Do you see her smoking with the baby in her arms? What’s the point of mentioning her motherhood here?

Last but not the least here:

‘We have a proof’ for Kamya Panjabi

wittyfeed sanskri bahu

Proof of what? Is it a crime?

Are they endorsing smoking? No! Are they trying to make it cool and justifying to be healthy? NO!

In an age, where women should be encouraged for marching in a male-dominated society, articles like these weaken all the efforts. This is nothing less than people gawking unabashedly, passing irrational comments and often being subjected to suggestive and coarse moral policing.

Please show some dignity and respect to hard-working women here.

I am more surprised and disappointed because it has been written by a female writer and secondly, how can the editor pass this for publishing and till now even the CEO hasn’t noticed this? Does this reflect their mindset or irresponsibility?

It’s a never-ending discussion but I am done here!


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