This Diwali, I Gifted Myself An Air Purifier. Let’s Celebrate?
And unlike the illegal sale of crackers, I bought it legitimately.

The crackers sale ban is ON in Delhi NCR. But still, from past three days, in the mornings, I can’t sit in my balcony and have a nice cup of tea in the fresh air. It’s days from Diwali and stinky firecrackers’ grey colors lunge in the morning breeze. It feels that with one Pranayama exercise, half of Delhi will reside in my lungs and intestines.

This is the situation when the ban is on and my home is way out of the dhoom dhaam of typical Gurgaon.

I don’t understand why there is a problem with a pollution-free Diwali? WHY?

Some argue that Diwali is incomplete without crackers like Holi without colors.

Let me ask these high IQ people, didn’t you switch to organic and safe colors for Holi? Instead of laborious diya décor, didn’t you switch to electric lights? (Which are imported from China and it’s a bigger issue, my friend).

Some have another great perspective. BTW, before I tell you this – I am sure India is the only country where an environmental issue can convert into a communal one. People are pointing the blood shedding on Moharram. Does this cause any pollution? If some health issue prevails because of that, take it on another podium but there is no sense to compare it to the firecrackers pollution.

Educated yet ignorant people like ‘THE’ CHETAN BHAGAT is criticising the move. I need to ask you two things:

  1. You are living in Singapore. Any idea about India’s pollution level, right now?
  2. Are you seriously an IIT and IIM pass out?

Plus, I don’t know, why I feel like showing his dance.

(And he expects to be taken seriously! Bleh.)

Those who are bringing a religious angle to the ban criticism, can you please let me know when Sri Ram came back to Ayodhya, were all celebrating with crackers?

Is Diwali festival of lights or dus hazar ki ladi?

Some have a point with some trivial facts that the crackers are one of the least or some 9th possible harmful reasons to cause pollution. Oh okay! Tell me what happens what you add a spoon of water on a glass full of water till brim?

Take your time. Such people need to google and bring some facts out. By then, we move forward.

Everyone knows what happened to whole NCR on the last Diwali. The cities were full of smog for a week. Surely, some have theories about crops being burnt and all. But no one had a concrete answer.

Do we have any solution to avoid the perpetual extreme Diwali pollution? Will banning the public or private transport be okay for you? Of course not! So, this is the only viable solution.

The sale is banned yet the pollution has started from past three days. Imagine what will happen on Diwali and day after?

(This reminds me I have to buy a mask too. I lost my old one)

Till you have another solution in your mind, stick with it. I know we still have people with the mindset who brag- “Supreme court has banned the sale but not bursting firecrackers. We can get crackers outside of Delhi NCR” and it would still be happy and drowned in smoke Diwali.

*slow clap*



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