You Ought To Watch ‘Bangalore Days’ If You Love Your Cousins
An ode to relationship with cousins

It was my friend from office who introduced me to the Malayalam Movie- Bangalore Days. TBH, I was reluctant to watch the movie at first.

But since I have a penchant for languages, I thought “Why not give it a try?”

Watching Tollywood Films with funnily odd titles and next-to-impossible action sequences had shaken my faith in the south film industry. I thought Mollywood would be no different.

But I am glad I was proved wrong.

Bangalore Days is a 2014 Malayalam-language romantic drama film which revolves around three cousins- Kuttan, Divya, and Arjun; and their childhood dream of moving to Bangalore City.

Growing up together in their ancestral home in the village, the cousins share a strong bond with each other. Despite having polarising personalities, they always look out for each other. The movie is a sweet ode to the special relationship with cousins.

The way the story proceeds is captivating and will keep you hooked till the end. It is a 3 hour-long movie, but, trust me, you won’t get bored for even a single minute. It is funny. It is romantic. It is emotional.

The direction and screenplay were so amazing that I had to check who the director was. Anjali Menon, the writer-director of the movie, is a well-acclaimed director & screenwriter with a number of accolades in her kitty.

The best part of the movie is the characters. They are so relatable as you would see in real life. You see no gaudy make-up or glamour as we normally have in the Bollywood. You will also see many glimpses of life in the Bangalore City.

Having no background in Malayali, I didn’t understand the Malayalam dialogues. Though the English subtitles were really helpful. The writers had done a stupendous job writing the dialogues and the story. There were thought-provoking dialogues in the movie that let me pause and ponder on the subject being talked about. If the English translation was so good, I wonder how great the essence of those words in Malayalam would be.

Look out for the learnings Kuttans’ father passes on to him and his wanna-be modern mother. The chemistry between Arjun and his girl-crush. The director has portrayed Divya as a strong modern girl and not a damsel in distress which I found liberating. It is important how a female protagonist is being portrayed in the movie. Despite having her dreams crushed and facing turbulences in her relationship, Divya focuses on how she can still make her dreams come true. Extra points for that!

Even the songs and music in the movie are melodious and no Pritam crap. One of my favorites from the movie is ‘Ethu Kari Raavilum’. The music and lyrics are so good that I almost cried. The lyrics of this song translate to:

“In any dark night, the ray of light which sews a golden strand…please flow through my heart’s keyhole too.”

Ah! Lyrics like such would make even an unromantic person fall in love.

And then, there is Dulquer Salmaan- the heartthrob of Mollywood. The second he came on the screen, I couldn’t stop swooning over him. He has done quite a great Malayalam Movies. I heard he’s coming to Bollywood too. I can’t wait to see him in the Bollywood.

The relationship with cousins is a right balance of siblinghood and friendship. If you love your cousins, you ought to watch this movie with them.

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