10 Vintage controversial ads which are sexist AF!
So dumb and it gets dumber.

About four decades ago gender equality and women empowerment were some terms mentioned only in dictionaries. You will be surprised to know the ‘so called’ then developed countries had few ‘learned’ people who used to portray woman as a zippo. There are few vintage controversial advertisements which are still remembered because of their derogatory concepts.

1. This is just the beginning
Image source
2. DAFAQ! In today’s today, the tea would have been spilled on his hoo-hoo
Controversial Vintage Ads
Image source
3. I know where does this idea belong? In gutter!
Sexist Ad Women with Shoe
Image source
4. Do we have any Vitamins for brains?
Vintage Controversial Advertisements
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5. I would have given him a giant punch in return
vintage sexist ads
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6. You gotta be kidding me!
sexist vintage ad
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7. Say this to any girl now. She will definitely blow up your face.
sexist vintage cigarette ad
Image source
8. By what means, it looks like an advertisement for pants?
Vintage controversial ads
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9. I am sure she stabbed him while this picture was getting clicked!
Vintage sexist kenwood ad
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10. But I think it is not illegal to bash such idiots.
vintage sexist advertisement
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