Uber Customer Service Changed Woman’s Name To ‘Bitch’ After Reading Her Complaint

UberEats is apparently a service which cancels your order after making you wait an hour and a half, then change your name to “Bitch” when you complain.

YES! It’s true. We are not making it up.

The 25-year-old, Reardon, San Francisco resident told HuffPost she ordered some Mission-style burritos for some visitors on Monday night but got frustrated after more than an hour of waiting.

So she did what any customer would do- called up UberEats to see why her order had been delayed. Turns out that the delivery service had canceled her order because no drivers were willing to pick it up ― even though the app was still showing that her food was being prepared.

It was a clear miss at UberEats end.

UberEats suggested she try ordering again, but since the company couldn’t guarantee her order wouldn’t get canceled a second time. So, Reardon went with another delivery service. But she did drop a complaint on their portal.

uber called bitch
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In response to her complaint, someone probably at customer’s service with access to Reardon’s Uber account apparently changed her name on the app to “Bitch.”

uber called customer bitch

“I was shocked when I opened my email to see the ‘Hi Bitch’ greeting,” Reardon said.

Adding insult to injury, she’d ordered an Uber for her sister minutes earlier so she could get to work. That meant her sister would get a ride from a driver who would call her “Bitch,” mistakenly believing that was her actual first name.

Reardon’s real name has since been restored, and an Uber representative confirmed that the employee involved in the incident had been fired.

Companies like Uber are considered to be poineers of customer service. If they start attacking their clients personally, God saves the rest!

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