This video has humorously hit the right buttons when comes to women hygiene issues
Shakespeare asked 'To pee or not to pee?'

There is a new Girliyapa video which discusses the women’s issues and struggles in dealing with dirty toilets. Even in workplaces! Women asking for a toilet is a gigantic rage. But sloppy and unhygienic toilets are a reality. Women out there try Michael Jackson poses , hover in the air and much more.

Girliyapa video for clean toilets

It is that bad that some of us prefer to remain dehydrated.

This video is also a satire on the management on how it never takes this issue seriously and ultimately women have to suffer from severe infections. So, why to do curse and make your bladder suffer? Stop the injustice.

Girliyapa video for clean toilets

It is not only about the healthy and clean toilet but is definitely about being a bit sensitive about the sanitation and health issues.


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