These 8 TV Shows Will Make You A Fashionista
Be ready for some serious fashion goals.

Glossy magazines and runway shows appeal to the devoted fashion fans. While we, the common people, get to know true fashion sense and the latest trends with what we watch in movies or series.

There are few shows in which have great style factor. When start watching these, you can either focus on the story or their flair.

There are few chic shows which can make you binge-watch even by muting them and just looking at the styling.


There was some style character for everyone in this influential foursome: From sex-pot Samantha, tough attorney Miranda to THE fashionista Carrie Bradshaw and Park Avenue princess Charlotte. The costume designer Patricia Fields loaded the ladies up with top designer creations.

Tv shows make you fashionista
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We can’t deny the visual impact of the wardrobe choices behind Pretty Little Liars. The mysteries and twists in this series are melodramatic. So, is the wardrobe with the jewel-toned dresses. You will rock in your casuals.

Tv shows make you fashionista
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Scandal lead Olivia Pope has been inspiring the viewers with fashionable and crisp white coats and monochromatic separates. Pope portrayed by Kerry Washington has the kind of put-together vogue that will make you want to finally get your shit together in the work wardrobe section. Even her pyjamas are so dapper! Her character keeps her outfits on point despite the continuous disruption surrounding her personal and professional lives.

Scandal fashion
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Peggy Blumquist (Kirsten Dunst) is a beautician with big ambitions and violent tendencies. Peggy’s vintage style with ’70s pussy-bow blouses, fur coats, and voluminous hair waves look stunning. We are eagerly waiting to welcome Dunst’s stylish comeback.

Tv shows make you fashionista
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There is hardly any need to explain why and how Downton Abbey is such a jazzy TV show?

Tv shows make you fashionista
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The Carrie Diaries show is a kind of tribute Sex and The City protagonist Carrie Bradshaw. The storyline is set in the early 1980s, but don’t expect the old cliché styles displayed on the show. Eric Daman, the guy behind the Gossip Girl has mixed 70’s and 80’s style with couture.

Tv shows make you fashionista
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The show centers on the high-class Manhattan life. So we see high street fashion, Blaire Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen wearing classy couture. The whole gang has a unique style and the stylist Eric Daman has done a marvelous job.


Gossip Girl fashion
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All-American high school stereotypes with jocks, bright cheerleaders costumes, and club getups hit all the right notes.

Glee fashion

Don’t wait now, binge on these and clear out stuff for a new wardrobe.

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