Why I Cannot Wait For Navratris To Get Over!
Hold strong, guys!

Navratris are fun.

It is only twice a year you get to eat fried food without feeling any guilt. Lol! Also, the lip-smacking Navratri special recipes you get to have only during this time.

The bazaars are all lightened up with the spirit of festivity and gala. There is fanfare at the corner of every street. And not to forget the late-night Ram Lila shows.

While Navratri means a beginning of festivity and celebration, it also means abstinence from all your favorite things in routine.

TBH, it makes fasting no less than an ordeal. After all, fasting is not just dieting; it is a test of self-control and patience.

Even if you are not fasting, you have to abstain from non- vegetarian food and alcohol and onion and garlic in some houses because your family is very religious. But that doesn’t stop you from day-dreaming things you cannot eat during the abstention period.

Oh puhleez! Don’t tell me you don’t miss Butter Chicken topped with loads of fresh cream. Not just that, here are all the things you cannot for Navratri to get over:

1. Chicken

I can live with not meeting my boyfriend for days but not chicken. I have wet dreams of butter chicken almost every day and I am not even guilty about it.

2. Mutton

I can’t even remember the last time I had Mutton Biryani or Mutton Rogan Josh. But as soon as Navratris began, I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

3. Booze

Oh! The dry spell.

Can’t even crack a cold one in the Navratris. You have already postponed all those parties with friends (read as booze) after the Navratris are over.

4. Eggs

I can’t even have chocolate brownie because it has got eggs. Worse than having a long distance relationship.

5. Rajma Chawal

Tell me honestly. How many times have you dreamt of that lusciously delicious plate of Rajma Chawal while fasting?

6. Onion in salad

To go along with that late of Rajma Chawal. All the fasting persons in the house, I feel ya!

7. Momos

Those puppy eyes with which your Momos wala Bhaiya looks at you and how you undesirably ditch him every day.

8. Poori Chhole Halwa

The ultimate reward on Ashtami a.k.a the 8th day.

Regret reading this?

Hold strong, guys! It is only a few more days to go until your tryst with your love- Butter Chicken.

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