12 Kinds of Teachers We All Had When We Were in School
Back to school days!

There are a number of reasons which make school life memorable. Teachers are one of the reasons why we either hated or loved going to school. Remember the fear of getting punishment from that teacher when you didn’t do the homework. Or the time when your teacher joined you in a game of dumb charades.

Or that science mnemonics you still remember because your teacher was so cool. Love them or hate them. It has been so many years since you passed from the school, but you remember every single one of your teachers.

This Teacher’s Day, let’s remember all kinds of teachers you used to have when you were a school kid.

1. The Gabbar

Each and every kid feared her name. Her favorite choice of weapons would either be a duster or a scale.

2. The Boring One

No way you could ever make out alive in her period. Her long, boring sermons would always put you to sleep.

4. The Vogue Queen

The one who would always have a matching bag with each one of her sarees. Every girl used to admire her taste in fashion.

5. The One With Surprise Tests

She would conduct surprise tests more than the twists R.R. Martin put in GOT.


6. The Sulky One

The last time you saw them smiling was never.


7. The One With The Funny Accent

There would always be one teacher with a funny accent you used to make fun of.

8. The Argumentative

The one who stood corrected even if the book said otherwise.

9. The Chalk-Eater

Not literally. But she would always use a whole box of chalk in her period.

10. The Partial One

There was always one teacher who would only give marks to her favorite pet no matter how well you did.

11. The Substitute Teacher

The one who would let you play pen-fighting with your friends as long as you stayed reasonably quite.


12. Best Teacher Ever

The one who taught you all the important lessons in life and made you what you are today.

Nostalgia hitting hard, huh?!

Sure it makes you wanna send ‘Happy Teachers Day’ Greeting to all your teachers.

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