This App Will Reveal If Your Partner Is Cheating On You
It will catch you red handed

Dating apps are making it very easy to find someone to hook up with-whether you’re single or in a supposedly monogamous relationship. You can hide all you want.

You can have a look and swipe through the potential conquests to your heart’s content and apparently your partner will never know unless they can unlock and check your phone.

But if you’ve been using Tinder whilst in a relationship – whether to physically cheat on your partner or just have a few swipes to see if you’ve still got it, you could be in trouble.

New app Swipebuster allows you to search for someone active on Tinder and you may check when they last swiped. So this excuse is about to end- to justify your partner’s single friend finding your profile on Tinder by saying you just hadn’t deleted your account, Swipebuster will show when you were last active.

Swipebuster costs $6.99 for three searches. All you have to mention the first name, age and likely location of your suspect.

Swipebuster insists that it only presents information that is public on Tinder.

We could argue that if you need to use the app, there are some way more important underlying trust issues to address. Well, they always are/

But if you do find your significant other has been using Tinder, they may have some better explanation rather than any lame excuse.

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