This Indian Guy Was Smuggling Abortion Pills Worth ₹2.3 Million
You could imagine only gold and diamonds worth smuggling.

Sri Lankan authorities have arrested an Indian man for allegedly smuggling highly potent abortion pills worth ₹ 2.3 million, according to a media report today.

The Indian, who arrived from New Delhi on a SriLankan Airlines flight yesterday, had tried to leave without declaring the huge quantity of the pills, the Colombo Page reported. Upon inspection, Lanka Customs officers found the illegal medicine stock in his luggage.

smuggling abortion pillsThe suspect, who was not identified, had visited Sri Lanka on several occasions earlier. He has been buying the medicine from India for a low price and selling it in the country for a large amount of money, the report said.

Who could have thought abortion pills are sold so expensive and are worth smuggling. I am sure the smugglers start thinking from where your ideas are done!

Source: PTI

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