10 Signs You Are A True F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fan!
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If you have grown up watching friends, you’d agree it was the single best thing to have happened to you. It has made you laugh, cry, cope with heartbreak, kill boredom, and bond with your best friends. But are you a true fan? You are if you do any 6 of these 10 things:

1. You Always Automatically Say “How You Doin?” When You See Someone Pretty.

Chances are that it never works for you. But it never stops you from trying your hand at looking the girl from her toes to her head and following it up with a nod and a charming “How you doin?”.
Even if you don’t charm anybody, you are sure to spot a FRIENDS fan and hit it off with an enjoyable conversation.

2. You Sing Smelly Cat Whenever You Are Bored!

Admit it. You’re not the best singer. So you’d rather sing songs that hide your lack of talent. And “Smelly cat, Smelly cat, what are they feeding you…” comes out of your mouth every time you feel like singing.

3. You Hear Janice’s Voice When Someone Says Oh My God!

It’s crazy how you always. Always! (some more emphasis on “ALWAYS”!) think about Janice when you hear the words “Oh My God!”

4. You’ve Set “I’ll Be There For You” By The Rembrandts As Your Ringtone For When Your BAE Calls!

If not that, then you’ve set the theme song as your ringtone at least once in your life. AND you’ve regretted doing so because you always used to sing along not realizing that you were meant to pick up and say hello!

5. You’re Sarcastic As Hell (Read: Chandler) And Your Friends Hate It!

Sarcasm flows naturally to you. And most of the times people don’t get it at first. They think you’re flattering them and when they dig you, they BURN!

6. You place all your BFFs as FRIENDS characters!

In your group:

The hunky immature charming, all beauty, and no brains guy is Joey.
The weirdest, nastiest, and wackiest girl is Phoebe.
The guy who never gets tired of cracking jokes (most of which reek of sarcasm) is Chandler.
The goofy, nerdy, and always-in-love guy is Ross.
The prettiest, quirkiest, and brattish girl is Rachel.
The annoying obsessive-compulsive control freak (and who cooks the best food) is Monica.

7. You Imagine Living In An Apartment With Your BFFs

You never tire of imagining how fun life would be with your BFFs living in an apartment with you. Also, you unhesitatingly talk about it with them.

8. You Watch FRIENDS Over And Over And Over Again.

By now, you know all episodes by heart. So much so, if anyone gives a FRIENDS reference, you know which season and episode it is from!

9. You Walk Out Of The Room/Conversation If Somebody Says They Haven’t Watched FRIENDS.

You take 5 seconds to know how to react. Meanwhile, you feel sorry for them. And then you realize there is no way you can be friends with them and leave!

10. You And Your Friends Often Argue If Ross And Rachel “Were On A Break”!

You’ve thought about it so much you’ve taken a side. And when someone doesn’t agree with you, you go all guns blazing at them!

Man, don’t you feel like pulling out your hard disk drive, blowing the dust off it, connecting it with your laptop and watching Friends again?

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