Found Quick Tests To Check If You Are Obsessed With Netflix. You Need To Chill
These are signals to wake up

All hail Netflix!

More time we spend with Netflix, the more our relationship with the streaming service becomes more obsessive  So, if any of these habits describe you, you might want to think about the addiction and stepping into the daylight for a little while.

1. You tell yourself almost every night “just one more episode”

Until suddenly, it is morning.

2. You take your phone or laptop to the bathroom so that you have to pause your episode.

3. You spend the whole day at work day dreaming what you would like to watch when you reach home.

You just want to change in your pajama, cuddle up in bed and start the celebrations.

4. There is no way you leave your apartment mid-episode.

How can you even think of it?

5. You watch it in the gym too.

If there is no internet in the gym, you are not working out.

6. You get damn scared if the red welcome screen takes too much time to load.

7. You ask your date to come over so that you can just continue binging on series and movies

8. Panic attacks are common if the internet goes down while you watching Netflix

9. Sharing password with some looks like a big commitment

Look as a momentous occasion like getting married.

10. The biggest frustration of life is trying to find a movie you haven’t watched yet.

11. Once a series is finished, you have no idea what to kill time.  

Going through a mourning period after finish the series is usual for you.


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