Why I Want To Be Awesome As Samantha Jones From Sex And The City
Hello, my name is Fabulous

“Hello, my name is fabulous!”- This is Samantha Jones from your favourite Sex And The City. There is hardly any viewer of this series who has never adored this woman.

Samantha Jones character is an epitome of self-confidence, charisma and boldness. Apart from Samantha’s promiscuity, she is everything a hard working girl aims to be.

Here are signs which prove you are actually turning into her.

1. You never feel pressure to be in a relationship.

2. Sometimes you just have to be brutally honest with your friends, but it’s only because you care.

3. You are fearless and never nervous to try new things.

4. Your friends know they can always count on you!

5. When it comes to any discussion, you’re not afraid to offer your useful advice.

6. You don’t have even a little patience to put up with rude or uptight people.

7. For the most part, you’ve analyzed and got men figured out.

8. You hate it the most when people waste your time. It’s precious for you and should be treated that way.

9. You know exactly why some people hate you. Because they’re just jealous of your fabulousness.

10. You believe you are sexy AF!

11. Sometimes you can be a little overdramatic, but it’s part of your charm.

12. Lastly, you make no apologies for who you are.

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