Can’t Understand Women? These 11 Shows Will Help You Out
It's not so difficult anymore.

Who says that understanding woman is difficult? You just have to see the right kind of content to get an insight in the brain & heart of a woman. There are so many windows to understand how a woman thinks and acts. We are giving you 11 of them. We are here with a list of 11 Hollywood series that revolves around female lead star cast. Women are not complex creatures, you just have to know that they think very differently!

1. No Tomorrow

The female protagonist of ‘No Tomorrow” is played by Tori Anderson with the screen name Evie. She believes that there might not be a tomorrow so she wants to check- out every possible thing on her bucket list, along with her partner. The series aims at showing how a girl of today wants to live life to the fullest without caring much about the future events.

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2. Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives series portrays different women with different characteristics, fighting with life in different ways. All the characters need something different from their life but are still trying to cope with the day-to-day chores. The show shows different facets of womanhood via these characters.


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3. Gilmore Girls

This series is about a beautiful relation that two woman share; mother-daughter relationship. This show depicts that side of a woman where she is a responsible mother and a responsible daughter. How women in different generations, who are independent enough to take their own decisions, support each other completely.

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4. Sex and The City

There is no better show to understand the mindset of a woman than this one. A woman does use her brain but is usually influenced by her heart a lot; the show has beautifully captured these two aspects of any woman. There is no way you will not relate to the characters of the series.

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5. The Good Wife

Alicia, the female protagonist, is shown as a naïve and gullible woman at the start of the show. However, once her husband faces wrong criminal charges, we see a totally different side of Alicia. She becomes a fearless knight. The show has captured the essence of womanhood; she will cross all boundaries to protect her loved ones.

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6. Gossip Girl

What kind of a man does a woman want? Well, the answer to this question can be found in the series “Gossip Girl’. The show basically revolves around 3 different personality types of a man which more or less covers the needs of all woman types.

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7. The Golden Girls

There is some show that captures the thoughts and lives of a woman in their old age. 4 single woman staying together and trying to cope with their past is what The Golden Girls is all about. We get to know how woman cooperates with each other and become soul mates even when they have crossed their prime.

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8. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is a typical full-melodrama sitcom where you will experience a plethora of emotions. There is so much going on in the Seattle Grace Hospital that it is hard to take in. Nevertheless, female doctors striving to manage their personal and professional life is worth watching.

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9. Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland give great insights into the mind of a woman. The story is about 3 old enough women somehow lands in Cleveland and decides to stay there in a home with a sassy caretaker. The entire lead star cast is different from each other with different backgrounds. This is one show that shows you how a woman thinks in a particular situation; what all factors actually go into a woman’s head before she takes a decision.

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10. Girls

The lead of the show, Lena Dunham, has played a very strong character in this girly series. She has been cut-off from her family, even financially, after which she commits a series of mistakes in her life. She, with every mistake, grow mentally. The show is about the number of problems a girl faces in her life, how she deals with them, and how she grows mentally at each and every step.

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11. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is the story of a novice doctor who gets the opportunity to work with an established doctor but finds herself in a big trouble when she has to manage the doctor’s clinic solely as the doctor passes away. The series gives you an insight on how adaptive and quick a woman becomes when she faces troubles. The show is about what professionalism and career mean to today’s woman.

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