Sarahah- Not As Anonymous As You Believe It Be!
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The basic premise of the app “Sarahah” is that you can send any kind of message to a person, without the person knowing that it was you who had sent the message. When I came to know about this app, I knew it would become an instant hit. It had to become a hit because you have such an awesome option to express your feelings to your “crush” or you had the option of expressing anger in anonymity.
Within no time, the app has become one of the most downloaded apps, across the globe. Sarahah has been ranked as 102nd most popular website, till date. The app is present at the top of the search list in the play stores, in regions of Australia, UK, US, and Asia. The app has become an instant hit amongst teenagers and people in their twenties & thirties.

Amidst the anonymity of messages, we are forgetting one fact that this app has been asking for permission to access your personal contacts. A report published by senior security analyst working at Bishop Fox, Zachary Julian said that Sarahah has been uploading its customer’s contacts on the company server. This is a direct threat to the privacy of all the people that are using Sarahah. Imagine a website having direct access to your phone number and indirect access to all your personal information!

The developer of the website & app Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq however, has said that the app has been asking for permission to access phone contact is only for a feature that is yet to be updated in the app. The founder has confirmed that it will soon send an upgrade where it will stop asking for any kind of access from its customers.

I do understand that the app is so much inviting that you would definitely like to try it out once. After all, it is fun to be able to receive anonymous messages and send them. However, I would still wait for the app’s next update so that I do not have to share my contact list with any app that I use!

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