These ‘Special’ Restaurants Have Got Something to Inspire You
Not just food but it's the differently abled staff.

A restaurant may appeal to you for three reasons; either it has got good food, the ambiance is electric, or the interiors are chic. But how many times have you seen the restaurant staff being special?

Having a physically impaired waiter waiting for your table or a deaf person taking your order might make you feel a little uncomfortable. But these differently abled people are doing these jobs with great proficiency and confidence contrary to the perception that they would feel uncomfortable in this line of industry.

Here are few places in India that have broken the stereotypes and changes society’s perception by employing differently abled people on their staff:

Echoes Cafe, Delhi

Situated right opposite to the Venkateshwara College, ‘Echoes’ Cafe is unique of its kind. The cafe is run by hearing and speech impaired waiters.

All you have to do is switch on the light bulb to grab waiter’s attention, write your order on the notepad, and you shall be served immediately with a welcoming smile. For other things like spoons, water, forks etc, specially made placards can be shown to the waiters.

Echoes cafe, New Delhi
Source: India Today

Dialogue in the dark, Hyderabad

Have you ever had your meal in the darkness?

Dialogue in the dark in Hyderabad takes you through an experience where you rely on all your senses except sight. You will be seated and served in pitch dark.

And, guess who wait for your tables here? The visually challenged people.

By the time you will be out of the restaurant, you will have the hard realization about blind people’s lives.

Dialogue in the dark, Hyderabad
Source: Express Avenue

The Bombay Havelli, Mumbai

The Bombay Havelli is another place which is breaking stereotypes by hiring physically disabled on their staff. The variety on the menu reflects the different backgrounds their staff belongs from.

Both, the food and the service, will win your hearts at this place. The restaurant contributes a significant part of its profit towards the medical, educational and social betterment of those with the physical disability.

employing differently abled people
Source: Justdial

Vitthal’s Kitchen, Jaipur

A unique restaurant in Jaipur is giving back to the society by hiring specially-abled people on their staff. These hearing and speech impaired workers of the Vitthal’s Kitchen greet people with smile and homeliness.

Who says you need a voice to communicate? A warm smile is enough.

restaurants with disabled staff
Source: Hindustan Times

KFC- Sector 09, Panchkula

Not a big fan of KFC personally, but this center in Panchkula (Chandigarh Tricity Area) stole my respect when I got to know that it is managed by physically challenged people.

They have the voiceless counter with deaf people taking your orders. All you have to do is point to your order on the menu.

The service and management at this KFC joint are impressive and above par.


employing differently abled people
Image Source

And, we find petty excuses of taking a leave from the office when we take a small sneeze.

Kudos to employers as well. More power to these guys!

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