Quick 7 Makeup Hacks And Tips. You Can Thank Us Later!
Even some makeup artists don't know these.

Makeup is an art. It takes a lot of interest and time and patience to learn it. Getting the makeup perfect every single time is such a daunting task to accomplish! But, what if we tell you some tips and hacks which you can use in everyday make up and give an edge to your looks?Well, there are certain makeup hacks and tips that will definitely make your life easier.

1. White base coat for nails

White base nail paint

Try white nail paint for the base. This little hack will make your actual nail color stand out even more. You get the added advantage of protecting your nails stains caused by nail paint.

2. Want smokey eyes? Go for hashtags!

smokey eyes hashtags

Draw a proper hashtag at the outer upper corner of your eyes. Rub it gently till the other end of your liner. Use a smudger to get that perfect smokey eyes.  This is got to be one of the easiest ways to look hot!

3. Complement eyeshadow with a white eyeliner

white eye liner

Add a highlight to your eye shadow with a white liner. First, apply white eyeliner on your eyelid then apply the eye shadow color that you want to use. The white border around your eyes will make the shadow color stand out.

4. Missing lip color? Pick your eye shadow palette


Is it not an awesome feeling to be able to make a makeup product by your own self? Well, you can make any share lip gloss from the leftover eye shadow powder. Crush the powder finely and mix some petroleum jelly in it. Get that perfect gloss shade that you have been looking for!

5. Perfect Cupid’s Bow

Perfect Lipst

Take a lip liner (of course of the same shade as your lipstick) and make an “X” sign using the cupid’s bow. Apply lipstick around that “X”. You will get that perfect bow that you need every single time!

6. Makeup aunty does it wrong

Conceal Dark Circles

Applying concealer on your dark spots is a long lost technique! Instead, draw a triangle to conceal all the dark spots on your face. lash line lashline as your triangle base and point it till your cheek.  This will lift up your face instantly and conceal all the red patches around your eyes and cheeks.

7. Lip color stays longer

How to make lipstick stay longer

Apply the lipstick shade you want and then cover it with a tissue. Dust some translucent powder around your lips. Take off the tissue. This little makeup tip and hack will enhance the lipstick shade plus the lipstick will stay on for a longer time.

Try the hacks once and see it for yourself.

You are welcome! XOXO

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