10 Important Phrases Your Wife Or Girlfriend Says And What Actually They Mean
A Quick Help Guide For Men. It is much more than 'Do I look fat in this dress?'

Gentlemen and young boys out there, we know you struggle with a huge issue of understanding women. Learning perfect reply to “Am I looking fat?” is not enough for future challenges, my friend. You always have a long way to go.

The key is women do not put heart and mind in her words but in her expressions. Expressions are really important to be noticed and bingo! There just some simple rules (which are just hundreds in number) which will tell you the weather report about her mood and intentions.

Balance words and expressions and you have won the game! There are some common phrases which you hear them saying but you never realize their real meanings.

1. I don’t want to talk about it!

You and your girl are having an argument and suddenly when you are almost there proving your point, an answer backfires/ not so fitting reply- ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ It SEEMS that probably she is done with talking and is sick of the argument.

Reality: But No, my friend, she doesn’t have a good comeback to your explanations and arguments. So, this is how she manages to escape. Probably, she is calling her friends and folks and telling them what you said. O yeah! We are not kidding.

2. Fine. Go ahead!

If you check Webster’s dictionary to check the meaning of each word, it means that she agrees with you and your plan.

Reality: In her dictionary, it is a DARE! You will be a fool if you move ahead with your plan. She doesn’t agree with you. She wants you to understand it automagically by analyzing her tone and expressions rather than low valued and over rated words.

3. Isn’t she pretty?

Does it happen you guys are in a restaurant having a nice dinner and a pretty girl passes by your table and bam, there goes a question – ‘Isn’t she pretty?’ and you, a naïve person blurts out the truth. Or some of her friend’s photograph on Instagram, she asks the same question

Reality: This is a test for you. She wants to check if you are interested in checking out her. What actually she expects you to say is “I think she is fine. You look the best, my love”. Try this next time. You will suddenly become best husband/boyfriend in the world.

4. I will be ready in 5!

You: “Honey, I am booking a cab. How much will you take?”

Honey: “I will be ready in 5!”

*After 20 mins*

You: Driver is waiting for last 10 mins.

Honey: I said 5 mins!

We don’t have to explain more on this.

5. May be, I am not sure

It simply means NO!

No second thoughts on this.

6. “K.” as a reply

Normally it looks like lazy and shorter version of okay.

But, in reality: It means she is so pissed off that she thinks you don’t even deserve two alphabets O.K. So, what you get is a K.

You: Babes, I will be late. Going out with friends.

Babes: K.

7. No, I don’t want anything on birthday

When you ask her what does she want on her birthday, you will get this reply for sure. How can she be ladylike if she asks you one! Hunh??

Do not believe it.

Reality: If you don’t get her anything, you are screwed and that too in a real bad way. She wants you to surprise her and appreciate the fact that she didn’t want anything but still you knew she deserves something!

8. I am fine

You see her bit upset and lost, ask her- Are you okay? The general reply is ‘Nothing. I am fine’.  Oh , no no no! Don’t fall for this. She is not okay.

If you guys had a fight and after that you get I am fine treatment, you have no option. You will be made feel bad making you realize what an inhumane person you are to hurt that poor soul and she is an angel that even after you ‘harsh’ treatment she says I am fine


She doesn’t want you to tell you directly and wants to play guess game. Stick with the trail. You will get the truth out.

9. I can’t go. I have nothing to wear.

You might have a look at her wardrobe and it might look like a mini store.

What she means is- All her amazing dresses have been on Instagram or Facebook pictures. So, she needs to shop and hence nothing to wear. NOTHING!

10. What are you thinking?

Perfect reply: I was thinking about you. You were looking lovely today.

Reality: she is too bored and that she will spend all her time analyzing you. Overthinking Red Alert! This analyzing may come to some horrific conclusions.

See, it is not like women are from Venus that you don’t understand them. They just have a habit of keeping things to themselves and of course when everything crosses the brim, then you know what to do?

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