The Internet Can’t Believe The Age Of This Fitness Fanatic
Your guess is not even close.

What do you do when greys start showing up? Hide them or color them. We all want to age gracefully but we don’t know how to. It’s almost horrifying to think about ageing or looking older. Thanks to Instagram and other photo sharing applications which may you look younger and so much better with its filters and angles techniques.

But there is a man in Poland, Pavel Ladziak who loves his greys and looks like a perfect Hercules replica. Can you guess his age?

Thinking about 50, 65? NO!

NO! He is just 35. Yes, freaking 35. His account on Instagram is actually encouraging to accept the ageing process and be more conscious towards the fitness regime.

Pavel is apparently a bodybuilder. When he got his first few greys, he didn’t hide or color those like normal us. Infact, he made a smarter move and got his hair dyed and gives a look of 60 plus man with a chiseled body. Smart marketing ploy, we must say!

He looks nothing less than Yummy Terminator Santa Claus.

Some of his followers mistake his wife Magda as the daughter. We don’t blame them.

Pavel is rocking his profile and looks with more than 350k followers. He has become an online celebrity.

What do you think of Pavel’s looks? Think of it, comment and let us know.

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