The Crown Season 2 trailer is here and it seems to be more intense and captivating this time
We are so waiting. Dec 8, come soon!

Netflix has released the trailer for series- The Crown Season 2. By trailer, it seems the series will take a leap of few years and will cover Queen Elizabeth II reign from the mid-50s to 60s. Season 1 ended with Prince Philip (Matt Smith) and The Queen (Claire Foy) on a foul disagreement and the Prince decides to go to Summer Olympics and a long royal tour. Claire Foy looks mature in this season.

Netflix The crown season 2

 The season will tell the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign beginning with the revolutionary era of the 60s when the soldiers in the Armed Forces fighting an illegal war in Egypt. It will tell us all about the downfall of her third Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan. We can also see the famous actor Matthew Goode playing as Antony Armstrong-Jones, a handsome society photographer and love interest for bold Princess Margaret.
Netflix crown season 2
You get to see a glimpse of characters for the former President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy in the video.
The Crown Season 2 will be released worldwide on Netflix on 8 December. Take a deep breath and watch the trailer. It seems it going to be worth the wait.

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