If you are in Pune, you cannot miss these 11 must-visit food joints.
From Vada Pav to American Breakfast

We love Pune! Especially its cafés and amazing foot joints. Everyone loves food there- be it a high-class businessman, a student or a scooter riding middle-class employee. To know why so, check out these 11 joints to have the best food in Pune and if you are there, go on a food tasting spree in these places!

1. Garden vada pav centre- Legend since 4 generations

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This vada pav place has been in existence since 1972 and three generations of the family got involved in this business. This joint has been serving the same kind of vada pav since four decades. You need to taste a vada pav at this place to know why this joint has become a legend.

2. Kalyan Bhel- Pune stops here to have bhel

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Kalyan Bhel, per say, is just a chaat corner; however, this place is in the top of the list of all the people wanting to have chaat! It serves the best chaat with the combination of chopped onions, raw mangoes, and mixed herbs. A special ingredient goes into making of Chaat here however you will never be able to guess the name of it (that is what makes chaat of this place so delicious!). Add some chutney, crispy kurmura and crunchy puri to the bhel. Relish the awesomeness of bhel here.

3. Vaishali- The crowd accommodator

Vaishali Pune
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Vaishali serves a good variety of mouth watering snacks and food that will fill your stomach to the brim! It is a big place which accommodates good college crowd. It is actually the favorite of many localities here. If you ask me the specialty of this place then that, without doubts, will be dosas.

4. Kayani Bakery- Bites of heaven

Kayani Bakery Pune
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You have to take a bite of biscuits made at Kayani Bakery to believe in the fact that bakery biscuits can melt in your mouth. Taste normal vanilla cookie, a mawa cake or a strawberry biscuit here and you will fall in love with the bakery products of Kayani Bakery. Step in at any time of the day, you will never find it empty.

5. German Bakery- The place for foreigners!

German bakery pune
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German bakery is one place where you find foreigners that too in big numbers. Come along with your friends here for a proper brunch or a weekend breakfast. The food served here is out of the world. The specialty of this place is sweet delicacies and pastries.

6. Joshi Wadewale- to go food joint!

Joshi wadewale
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Joshi wadewale is the place where you can grab a quick bite and carry on with your work. Some famous delicacies served here are cada pav and pithla bhakri.

7. Bedekar- Pune goes here for Missal Pav

To try best food in Pune, you cannot miss these 11 must-visit food joints
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Maharashtra is known for its missal pav and Bedekar is known for its missal pav in Pune. Missal pav is basically baked bun served with spicy gravy. Bedekar serves the special gravy made of peas, lentil, chopped onion, farsan; it is served with a dash of lime on the top. It is a known joint all over Pune; not very happening, but serves quality food.

8. Venky’s XPRS- It is about chicken here!

To try best food in Pune, you cannot miss these 11 must-visit food joints
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If you are a fan of chicken then you should, for once, leave the likes of KFC and try out Venky’s. There is absolutely no match for the roasted garlic & pepper chicken at Venky’s. You will start salivating for more, once you get a taste of this place in your mouth!

9. Fish Curry Rice- Finally a place for seafood in Pune

To try best food in Pune, you cannot miss these 11 must-visit food joints
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Looking for a good place to have seafood in Pune? Check out Fish Curry Rice. The place serve delicious fish curries and one can get all kinds of seafood, right from fish to prawns. While you are here, do not forget to try bombil fry!

10. Appa

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Appa has been serving authentic Marathi dishes since 5 decades as of now. Their spread is quite limited to a few items like Poha, Upma and matar usal but they have created a niche for themselves in such a limited menu. Next time you are here do not forget to try their special sabudana khichdi.

11. Sujata Mastani

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Sujata Mastani is a known place to hang out for ice-cream in Pune. The specialty of the place is that it serves authentic ice-cream. This place is in existence since 50 years as of now. Go here for a milkshake with a garnishing of ice-cream and dry fruits.

Make sure you have these on your bucket list if you are in Pune. Comment below if we missed any food joint or restaurant.

Tag your friends in Pune now and ask them if they have tried and tasted all of this.

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