Mumbai Heavy Rain Situation Out Of Control. Even Helpline Numbers Are Not Working.
What has Government learnt in 12 years?

Floods have paralyzed Mumbai as India and region are hit by heaviest rains after 12 years. The financial capital city is still counting its losses even as weather improves after torrential downpour.

Similar flood kind situation arouse like 12 years ago but has Maharashtra Government learnt anything? None of the emergency lines are working. Fire Brigades are not available. Kids are still stuck in their schools since 2 days. Day by day, every state govt fails to prove itself in handling any of the adverse situations.

Have a look at this video.

In the cities like Mumbai which is known for heavy torrential rains, there is no disaster management or recovery situations. More than 60 hours of continuous rain doesn’t ask for chai and pakora.

Even normal help centers are not working for public. Are Mumbaikars expecting a lot by expecting a response on helpline numbers?

Still if you have some hope and your luck works, here are the numbers:

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) helpline number: 1916

Central Complaint Registration System: 1916

Disaster Management Control Rooms: 22704403, 22694725, 22694727, 22694719

Disaster Helpline: 108

Civil Defence: 22856435

Nodal officers of BMC during disasters

Chief Fire Officer: 23074923, 23076111

Chief Medical Superintendent: 26406787, 26420131

Chief Officer, DMP & CCRS: 22694727, 22694725


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