It Is Not About 10 Rupee Hike In Metro Fare. It’s About Back To Back Poor Decisions.

To start with, let me clear it out two things:

  1. I am not an AAP/Congress supporter
  2. YOU in this piece, refers to BJP govt.

I have been thinking to write about- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? But I think today is the right day.

I won’t have a cliché start saying- WHERE ARE THE ACHHE DIN? And we won’t discuss numbers, loss/profit figures. NO. If I start pointing out your disaster management failures in past few months, this reading piece would be bottomless.

We will talk about normal logical thinking.

(We know running a government is not an easy job but understanding a basic issue and democracy is not a rocket science either)

Today, Delhi Metro rates were hiked again- it’s the second time in this year. It is not about the hike of ₹10. It is about poor decision making and not thinking it through about the people. It is more about making impulsive quick random decisions without giving a proper reason.

Have you ever wondered who uses Metro the most? For whom it’s a blessing which has been ruined a bit?

Whenever I travel from a metro, I am glad to see ‘not so well doing’ people (I am using this term to make the point clearer), happily using metro as they have a medium to meet their work opportunities- be it a watchman, cleaner, labour or maid.

I had a housekeeper who used to travel by metro from Delhi to Gurgaon, do all work and return. She always used to tell me how blessed she feels with this metro. I can’t think what she would be saying now. If a labour is earning 300-500 a day, around ₹100 will be spent in travelling. I hope this makes the case a bit clear-cut.

More than traffic issues resolution, it was more useful to these people. A person can leave early to avoid traffic. But for some, this is a vital necessity.

With demonetization failure and GST changes, it was very clear the financial quality of middle-class man has deteriorated. This is another step towards it.

It is not a catastrophe but the question is why are we making things worse? Even after looking at ill effects of previous plans.

Some of us can’t complain about the economic changes because these don’t matter as much. Rather, I know people who see it as a blessing with every service available online and hardly having any bump while paying 3 percent of more tax in food bills. But here are we talking about people, to whom these things matter.

When changes were being brought, these are supposed to prove a boon for ALL. ALL!!

In ALL, at least you count major chunk of India- which is not so rich and not living in the same convenience.

So, coming back to the metro issue, when hikes were being discussed, didn’t you think of the effect on people who majorly use it?

Or you thought it is just 10 bucks. No big deal.

There is a reason that people do not take 50 bucks rickshaw but travel in a crowd or face the stampede for 20. To save! Because they need to save 30 bucks.

People in metro

These are the people who travel by metro the most. Their economic condition should be thought about once while making any such changes.

Such amenities are supposed to improve one’s living standards and make life easy, not a pain.

With going GDP down and average living standards going down, how can you even think of raising prices? Are you fulfilling the loss of metro by taking more money from the public?

Then what is the use of transparent tax collections, black money capturing plans and profit ideas- FOR WHAT? Ultimately everything is adding more to the less. I, my family and many friends of mine are hardly getting affected by the decision. I repeat, it is for the ones who make at least half of the metro crowd.

The alliances with private cabs is really another issue to be discussed. We don’t have any proofs to be shown here. If it is true, then it is really shameful. It is less of a negligence and more of a disgraceful act!

Delhi Govt offered to help for three months but after three months, the news would have been the same.

To be the meanest, if you really wanted to settle the Metro losses, you should have thought of curbing down Mr. Modi’s foreign trips and expensive clothing budget.

I do not have a second thought on saying INDIA IS GETTING TRUMPED!!

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