A Maternity Shoot With 20,000 Live Honeybees. WTF!
What has the world come to?

Everyone wants to look like Beyonce in maternity shoot. Alas! it is nearly impossible but it looks like there might be a new Queen Bey in town. Emily Mueller, 33, a beekeeper from Ohio, U.S., had a unique and we must say a little weird photo shoot to celebrate her fourth pregnancy that involved 20,000 live honey bees swarming around her baby bump.

When asked about the concept, Mueller, who runs Mueller Honey Bee Removal with her husband, Ryan, 37, says that insects have been a huge part of her life and that she has always felt comfortable with bees.

Getting the help of photographer Kendrah Damis, Mueller put a loose hive to creative use and strategically planned to have all the bees safely and calmly settle on her bump. Sounds eerie!!

To do so, the mum-to-be took the queen bee out of the hive and held her in a cage in her hand. Soon enough, the bees came flying out too and settled right on Mueller’s body to capture the perfect photograph. Practically, it is not safe. Not for her and not for her baby!

Many viewers showed their concern by asking her like-, “ That many bee stings could make her go into anaphylactic shock and cold harm her and especially the baby. Why even the take the risk?”

Understandably, the shoot has been met with mixed reactions and while some were just plain confused by the concept, others were concerned for the unborn baby’s safety.

“What the F, my skin is crawling,” one person wrote.

But Mueller jumped in for defence and told everyone that it was perfectly safe and she had an amazing experience shooting it.

I don’t know what else is left for me to look before the world ends.

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