Do Not Play Feminism Card For Convenience and Do Not Make Patriotism Scary
Whole Mallika Dua and Akshay Kumar Scuffle Teaches Us Something

We read million times celebs talking about feminism, women empowerment or workplace harassment. It’s great that they talk and such issues are brought to notice else people hardly ever agree to listen to a common Woman’s voice. But in midst of all, what’s heartbreaking which eventually loses the impression is that why such talks are done as a PR program or activity. In fact, the recent powwow about the comedian, Mallika Dua and the actor Akshay Kumar’s dialogues exchange is the best example to explain what I am trying to say.


A few weeks ago, Mallika Dua and Akshay Kumar were shooting for a stand-up comedy show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, where they are appointed as judges. A contestant made a joke about Narendra Modi. Mallika liked the performance and as per the format of the show, mentors and judges are required to ring a huge bell that is on an elevated platform. But Akshay being a Modi Baby strongly reacted to the situation saying, apparently “jokingly” told Mallika: “Mallika ji aap bell bajao, main aapko bajata hoon.”

(Those who are naïve- Bajana here means having sex)

Here’s the video.

As per reports, the clip of this conversation was not part of the show when it was aired. Thank God!

This happened a month ago and there was no noise about it. Not even a single breeze.

Apparently, Mallika Dua wasn’t able to get good TRPs, so the show decided to oust her from the show.

The newspapers claim that the comment was edited from the telecast of the episode and that it was mysteriously leaked after Mallika Dua was sacked from the show as a mentor, allegedly because of poor audience ratings. The report further stated that co-judges, comics Zakir Khan and Hussain Dalal were fired earlier this month.


But the point is why this video came out and sudden reactions from Mallika’s end after so many days. If she was being uncomfortable as she mentioned on Twitter, wasn’t she supposed to say as soon as it happened?

What if something like this was said to Zakir and Hussain? I am wondering if the whole discussion about misogyny would have been the same.

Those who are saying that she talks filth in her comedy videos and sketches, please check if she makes personal remarks there. She is not telling anyone ‘Main tumko bajaungi’ in front of whole crew, live audience and embarrassing someone. Her jokes on sex or playing a nymphomaniac cannot be equated with a strong sexism remark of bajana (having sex with her).

Did Akshay Kumar make some impression by her limitless sense of humor? But in any case, such remarks do not look respectable coming from an actor like him who supposedly shows great respect for women and social issues. Interestingly, his wife has strong views on women workplace harassment. It is very clear that being an appreciated Modi Bhakt, success and power can make you say anything and get away with it.

(I know the comment here would be that the husband and wife do not need share same ideology. But I am sure you got my point)


-What if she wasn’t asked to leave the show? Would she have retorted in the same way?

-Why was video leaked after her sacking?

-Zakir and Hussain have no comments? That’s really shocking. If this is a really sensitive issue, what happened to people who take a so-called ‘stand’ with their humor.

-What was the point of Akshay’s repelling that way? What is this forced patriotism, BJP fanning (for some personal reasons) and making it scary? It would have been much better if she showed his displeasure in a subtle way. I hardly see anyone firmly backing him up now!

What is being talked about is publicity drama and workplace harassment. In any case, he can’t get a clean chit.

But, there is a sad grey area. Mallika Dua wouldn’t have been called feminazi if she brought up as soon as it happened rather than waiting for use it as a tool for saving her back and image restoration after being sacked. So, instead of talking about what wrong happened, people are talking about her using the incident for publicity.

As a result, the whole incident which could have described the real problem to a great degree has lost the impact.


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