Malala has landed to Oxford and we can’t stop gushing about it.
She wants to be the next Benazir Bhutto

We got to know more about Malala Yousafzai when she was shot by a Taliban Gunman because she advocated for all Pakistani girls and their right to education. Malala survived the attack and was also awarded Nobel Peace Prize for her work, which is the highest prestige one can get, considering she was only 17 at that time.

Recently, the Nobel Peace laureate finished her high school from Britain and twitted about the achievement saying it was a “bittersweet” experience. She joined the twitter the day she completed her schooling and got more than a million followers within 3 hours of joining Twitterati group. The likes of Bill Gates acknowledged and praised Malala’s achievements through twitter.


Malala being an “A class” student now has a chance to pick from the litter for further studies; she has announced that she will enroll herself in The University of Oxford for further studies. Her choice of subject would be Politics, Economics and Philosophy. The combination of these has produced some great leaders around the world.

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Malala confirmed that someday she wishes to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan and walk the steps of Benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto also had studied the same course combination and became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics) course is kind of a must amongst high officials of British Government. It is believed that PPE degree runs Britain. Three Australian Prime Ministers, three Pakistani Prime Ministers, and leaders from Peru and Thailand have studied the same subject in their graduation days.

Malala acknowledged that her achievements will inspire other young girls to come out and ask for their right to education. Her achievements will imbibe confidence amongst other young girls, around the world, who are deprived of their basic rights.

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One can only imagine becoming a living legend whereas Malala, at such a young age, has become one. We can fathom the stature of Malala by the fact that U.N. has declared July 12th as Malala Day. She has gained this by contributing hugely to the welfare of young girls. She has turned stones to increase awareness amongst young girls and plans to dedicate her life towards this cause.

Seldom one gets to witness such precision and strong will power; we pray that Malala should create wonders and play her part in making this world a better place for girls to inhabit.

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