Wardrobe Essentials Every Lazy Girl Should Have in her Closet
Slay your lazy look!

Dressing up can be a mammoth task for lazy girls. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like trends and fashion. Lazy girls believe in comfort styling which requires less time and hassle to get ready. Fashion comes in all sizes and personalities. Even the comfy jammies can be a fashion statement if worn right. Here’s all about having a perfect and glamorous lazy look.

Stock your closet with these clothing essentials so that you never have to worry about looking fashionable and being lazy at the same time.

1. A T-shirt Dress

Life is simple in a t-shirt. This is why T-shirt dresses were created. Head out of home wearing your favorite t-shirt dress keeping it casual with a pair of sneakers or sandals.

lazy look

2. Leggings

Leggings make life easier. Just wear an overhanging shirt or a loose sweater on the top to complete the look and you are all set to head out.

lazy look

3. Swing dresses

What’s minimal and absolutely chic? Answer: Swing Dresses. Girl, You can never go wrong with them. Add solid heels and a messy bun to go with the dress.

lazy look

4. A baggy shirt stolen from your dad or boyfriend

Spice it up with a tight skirt or a pair of leggings. And, you won’t have to worry about a thing in the world.

lazy look

5. A statement Neck piece

A big chunk of neck piece is always a good option to make a statement. A plain white tee, a blazer, and a chic neck piece and you are good to go.


lazy look

6. A plain Tee

Because no wardrobe is ever complete without this. A plain tee is every lazy girl’s best friend.

lazy look

7. Oversized sunglasses for your sans makeup look

The oversized shades have your back on the days when you are not even in a mood to put an eyeliner over your eyes.

lazy look

8. A Tote

To stuff everything you will need to survive the day.

9. A kurti

A short kurti and a pair of denim jeans are itself a style statement. Add on a short jacket over your kurti to enhance your look. or you can slay the kurti with jeans attire just like she does.

lazy look

10. A mismatched pair of socks to add quirk to your life

For the time when you are running late and being lazy and cannot find the right pair of socks, mismatched socks are totally cool to wear. Add quirk to your life.

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