Here is what you should do to keep those Monday Blues at bay
Monday is Coming! Gear up.

So you went out with your friends and had a crazy, fun weekend.

But it’s Sunday now. And those feelings of Monday blues are already kicking in. You dread the thought of going to the office next morning. You wish if only you had an extra day between Sunday and Monday to prepare you for the fight that Monday is.

Mondays are hard because of the change in lifestyle and attitude that happens over the weekend. Once you get into the party mood, it becomes difficult to get out of that laid-back zone. But you gotta go to the office anyway.

Here is some advice that you can follow to keep your Monday Blues at the bay:

Get enough sleep on Sunday

Don’t stay up late on Sunday night lest you want to get cranky the next morning. A good night sleep before the Monday is important to survive not just the Monday Blues but the whole week.

Have a happy breakfast

Begin your day with eating something that will make your mood happy and gay. Food is the solution to every problem, even the Monday blues. Pancakes treat all kinds of blues. Try it! 😉

Wear something new

New day. New dress.

If you are finding an excuse to wear your new dress to the office, let Monday be the reason. The new dress will not only make you feel confident about yourself but also the sweet compliments from your colleagues will send you on Cloud Nine.

Hear some Music

Put some Monday morning jazz to kill all your Monday blues. Treat yourself with some good energetic music as you get out of bed or while on your way to work.

Take it easy

Relax! It is just the start of the weekend.

Mondays are the least productive day o the week according to a study. Don’t bog yourself down with work as soon as you reach office. Keep your Monday schedule light.

Make plans for Monday Night

Plan somewhere to go to after your office so that you have something to look forward to. Like, meet your friends for drinks. Go for a stand-up comedy night. Or even a date.

Sweat it out

Channel those blues into some heavy exercise. According to the study, exercising produces feel-good chemicals in your brain lifting up your mood instantly. And, you will get to shed some calories too that you gained with chugging all those beers over the weekend.

Indulge in some water-cooler conversation

Before you hit your desk, go meet and greet your fellow workers. Ask them how their weekend was. Get some gossip to make your day interesting. Just don’t head straight to your desk.

Monday is Here!

Hope you win the war this time.


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