These 10 Countries Are The Happiest!
Countries with the best quality of life

I came across this article which was about the lifestyle of various countries around the globe and I was amazed to know that there is some organization that actually compares the living standards of different countries. The organization name is Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). All the countries are compared on 11 factors and I could not believe the statistics of top 10 countries; have a look for yourself!

1. Netherlands

Netherlands has students who score above average marks in subjects like Math, Science and Reading Comprehensions. No wonders they are counted amongst the countries with high literacy rates. People in Netherlands work, on an average, work for only 3.5 hours a day (Imagine!); yet their average net disposable household income is around $26,000. The country is quite progressive which you can determine with the fact that Netherlands was the first country to legalize homosexual marriage.

2. New Zealand

If there is one country that has nailed the usage of renewable source of energy, then that has to be New Zealand; almost 35% of the country’s energy supply comes from renewable sources. The intellectual knowledge of Students of New Zealand is ranked quite high when compared with the students of the rest of the world. New Zealand is a beautiful country and that is because of its low emission of pollution; New Zealand ensures that it remains that ways.

3. Switzerland

The disposable income of every household in Switzerland is more than $30,000, and I am not kidding! The average life expectancy of Switzerland is 83 years which seems quite obvious because of Switzerland is an unspoiled paradise on earth. People have no complaints related to the quality of water and food supplied in the country. Education percentage is high, unemployment is low, the percentage of skilled labor is high, tax rates are low and the financial sector of the country is highly developed. No wonders the country comes under the bracket of wealthiest countries of the world.

4. Canada

People of Canada works only for 30-35 hours a week (that is almost like Indians working for 3 days)! Almost 75% of Canadian workers are paid and paid handsomely. Canada is the second largest country in terms of land space and is yet scarcely populated. The country is extremely welcoming towards immigrants (especially more after Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister of the country). Canada is a high-tech place which is majorly driven by its service sector.

5. Australia

Australia is again a very happy place to live in; people here live long, as much as 82 years on average! People like to engage in important decisions like voting; in recent elections, almost 93% people went to cast their vote! The country ranks high on civic engagement, health, and housing. Per capita income, which is a major determinant of living standards of any country, is quite high in Australia.

6. Ireland

If you want to know what belongingness feels like then you should probably take a trip to Ireland. Almost the whole population of Ireland is co-dependent on each other; there is no better place than Ireland to see the sense of community. People of Ireland know what work-life balance means which is why we see that their average working hour per year is only 1543 hours. The country is actually known for its culture and tradition.

7. Sweden

Sweden is known for its emphasis on basic education for all its individuals. Almost 90% of its adult population has high school degree or an equivalent one. Another thing that Sweden is known for is its check on environmental pollution. According to OECD, average pollution level of the world is 21 microns/ cubic meter; the average of Sweden is 10 microns. The country where 95% of its population is satisfied with the facilities available to them is bound to rank high in living conditions calculation.

8. Norway

Working hours are quite low in Norway and only 3% of the population works long hours. This is one reason it becomes easy for Norwegians to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is an obvious fact that the country which is ranked high on work-life balance parameter has a very strong sense of community. People have time for their family and friends which make them very happy. Norway is ranked highly even in safety parameters.

9. United Kingdom

The country that has ruled a major part of the world, at one point in time in history, is bound to rank high in terms of quality of living standards. Highly developed infrastructure, political stability, education system, per capita income and high GDP are some factors that contribute to high living standards in the UK. The UK has developed strong international trade connections which ensure a smooth running of its economy. The high standard of living is probably one reason why people from across the globe are attracted towards the place and want to settle here. Almost 90% of the people staying in the UK are quite happy with their life and the facilities that are available to them.

10. Finland

This is one country where people say that they experience positivity more than negativity in their life. Almost 85% of people are extremely happy with their life (Does Ireland produces some kind of happy Elixir or what; can we have some in that case!) The student class of Finland would fall under the category of intelligent as they scored 543 marks in math, science and reading comprehension when the average score of OECD is just 497.

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