Gorakhpur Tragedy- A Human Cry for Help! But The Administration Is Caught In Politics
Number of Hindus and Muslims are being counted and asked not leave their children on government’s mercy. WTH!

Baba Raghav Das medical college hospital has recently been too much in news and for a bad reason. In the month of August, over 290 deaths have been reported at this medical college. After few years, like many other tragedies, this will definitely be named as Gorakhpur Tragedy. And all getting worse because of pure negligence and politics battle.

More than 60 infants have been reported dead in 72 hours in Baba Raghav Das medical college. In last one day, 19 children have died amongst which 4 deaths happened because of encephalitis. Just three weeks back, around 70 deaths were registered in this medical facility, because of a shortage in oxygen supply.

The medical college is the biggest medical facility that is present in the city of Gorakhpur and nearby cities of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and even Nepal. Gorakhpur is also the home base of our current UP CM Yogi Adityanath. It is alleged that a major cause of infant deaths that happened is because of the shortage of oxygen supply within the medical hospital premise. Instead, he has been seen making insensitive remarks on this disaster. He made a shocking statement in which he said, that people shouldn’t leave their children on government’s mercy once they are 2 years old.


Baba Raghav Das medical college sees a lot of patients suffering from Japanese encephalitis. A major number of deaths has been reported from the encephalitis ward and neo-natal ward intensive care unit.

Several arrests have been made in this case. Dr. Rajeev Mishra, the dean of the college and Dr. Purnima Shukla (his wife) have been arrested. A FIR on a total of 9 people has been registered which includes the Sales Officer that took care of oxygen supply to the hospital. She, however, said that

The hospital had an outstanding bill of Rs. 68 lacs and that the hospital did not revert back despite several connection termination letters; she says she has proof of all the outstanding bills and letters.

For some reasons, as usual, the creepy religion and caste system have somehow intervened in this tragedy. Former CM, Akhilesh Yadav asked Yoginath

“When we helped the poor, you used to identify whether they were Hindus or Muslims. We were accused of helping Muslims more, but now we tell you that most of the dead are Hindus at Gorakhpur, tell us what help you have extended to them?”

(Hum jab madad karte the to aap dekhte the ki Hindu hai ya Muslim hai, humpe aarop lagate the ki Hindu ki kam madad karte ho ,muslim ki jyada,hum aapse kahte hai ki gorakhpur me Hindu jyada mare hai,batao aapne kitno ki madad ki)

gorakhpur tragedy

The issue got escalated so much that on 13th August 2017, the CM intervened and said that a committee is formed to probe into the deaths happened at the medical college. He himself has visited the facility and took an account of all the things happening in the hospital. Adityanath however, in a recent start-up event was recorded saying, “The moment children turn two-years-old, I feel that parents might just start dumping their responsibilities on the government”. He also took a dig at the media saying, “Media often points out at the scattered trash. We agree it’s the government’s responsibility. Seems like we’re now free of all responsibilities.”

“Mujhe to yeh bhi kabhi-kabhi lagta hai ki ek samay ke baad aisa na ho ki log apne bachche jaise hi ek saal, do saal ke honge, to sarkar ke bharose chhor denge, ki sarkar hi ab in bachchon ka palan kare”

A bit of sense, responsibility, and children lives becoming more important than the politician’s own image? 

The administrators of the hospital and doctors, however, have retaliated saying that they should not be held responsible for this mishap because they get the infected infants only at the last stage where saving their life becomes almost impossible. There are no proper medical facilities around a radius of 100 km, which is the actual reason of such a huge death numbers. The administrators of the medical college also said that the deaths reported this year is much lesser as compared to the last year and that the media is creating unwanted hype in this situation.

The fact of the matter is that nobody wants to take the responsibility of this carelessness happening in and around Gorakhpur’s medical facilities. The situation might go even worse now that monsoons have hit the state of UP. Only time will tell how much the people in the state of UP and Bihar will need to suffer before having access to basic medical facilities. It is a cry for help, if anybody is out there, listening to the common public!

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