Game Of Thrones Season 07 Spoilers And Predictions: Who Will Die Next?
Your cheat sheet for Season 07 finale

With Season 07 finale and just one more season to go, Game of Thrones has got everyone sitting on the edge. The curiosity and suspense are killing everyone so much so that people all over the world have come up with crazy fan theories and predictions some of which have held true so far.

Coming Monday, season 07 will finally come to the end. For those who cannot wait till Monday to know what happens in the last episode of this season, here are some predictions about the season 07 finale to ease their misery.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Sansa will have Little Finger executed by Arya

Sanasa will finally come around Petyr Baelish’s manipulations with Bran’s help. Arya will use the same Valerian Steel dagger that Little Finger gave to Bran on his arrival in the Winterfell.

There is a fan theory that the same dagger was used in an attempt to kill Bran in Season 01 and the assassinator could be Little Finger. Lord Baelish was taken aback when Bran quoted him “Chaos is a ladder” from Season 01 which could be a prediction of his death.

GOT season 7 finale
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Night King will break The Wall with the help of Viserion, the dragon

We all saw in the last episode that Viserion, the dragon, is not dead but has been turned into a white walker by the Night King. The dragon now breathes cold rather than fire and can kill any man on the spot freezing him to death. The Night King will use the ice dragon to break The Wall and attack on the other side.

GOT season 7 finale
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Jon’s Parentage won’t be revealed in the season finale

The true parentage of Jon has been kept secret till now, yet the hints have been dropped now and then in the series. In the last episode, Gilly reads about Raegar Targaryen which Sam ignores. By the end of season finale, Bran and Sam will piece together the secrets about Jon’s parentage. We already saw Sam making way towards the north.

FYI, Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen.

GOT season 7 finale
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Cersei won’t hold the agreement

After Jon Snow brings the white walker to Cersei in King’s Landing, she agrees to unite their armies against White Walkers. But Cersei being Cersei, she will ditch them in last minute and won’t send her troops.

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Jamie will leave Cersei

Jamie will have enough of Cersei’s betrayal and ruthlessness after she betrays Jon and Danny. He will be seen not wearing his Lannister uniform and riding towards north to join the army against the white walkers. There will be the first flakes of snow falling on King’s landing on his departure.

We can only wait till Monday to see how true these predictions are.

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