The Festive Season Is Near. You Need These Quick Detox Tips.
Easy as pie to follow.

The festive season is near. So, is your time to gobble up all sweets, fried stuff and what all that you shouldn’t have like crazy. We know all this but still, we do. If you have no time to exercise or hit the gym then go for simple detoxification. Detoxing should be part of your plan and when you see yourself entering that “festive time zone”, you better prepare yourself for upcoming feasting days! Here are 10 quick and simple detox tips below will definitely prepare you and your health for all kinds of treats.

1. Hydrate your body

Water flushes out all kinds of waste from your liver, kidneys, lymph nodes and colon, so drink a lot of it. You will know you are drinking enough water when you will be rushing to washroom regularly in some hours. Don’t worry your body will adapt to it. These trips will be for first few days 😉

2. Do not skip breakfast

Coffee, Croissant, Coffee Cup, Strawberries, Nutella
Your body remains without glucose at night (for about 8-10 hours continuously), which is why you need to add some, at the start of the day else toxins will start accumulating and may make you gain weight.

3. Include color green

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Broccoli, spinach, and carrots are some great detoxing natural agents available to you. Use them. Make a smoothie from these ingredients and take a step forward towards a healthy life.

4. Decrease gluten intake

Flour, wheat flour and etc are high sources of gluten. Too much intake of gluten increases the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Stop eating gluten for a while!

5. Start your day with lemon water

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Add some lime juice to spring water and have it at the start of the day. This exercise will detox your body at the start of the day and alkalize it. This small exercise will help you fight bacteria and virus for the whole day.

6. Breathe Deeply

Deep breathing ensures that your lymph fluids remain active enough to transport toxins to your liver very quickly and gets purified rapidly. It is as simple as breathe in oxygen deeply and breathe out all the toxins!

7. Do the smart snacking

To satisfy evening hunger pangs do not grab a packet of chips and cookies; instead snack smart by eating fluffy things like salted popcorn, salted nuts, and fruits.

8. No to artificial sweeteners

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Artificial sweeteners and white sugar are very harmful the body. Substitute it with natural sweet elements like honey, date sugar, maple syrup and coconut sugar.

9. Walk if not exercising

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It is important to keep moving your body. A lot of sitting decreases the metabolism rate which decreases the rate at which toxins burn in our body.

10. Sleep Well

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I should not even explain this because it goes unsaid that a proper sound sleep schedule creates a foundation for healthy living. I am sure everyone would love to do that.


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