You can be a fashion diva in monsoons as well.
Enjoy rain with some style.

Monsoon season is a tricky one where you do not really have a choice to flaunt your fashion sense! However, choosing your colors and outfit right, you can still pull-off even in monsoon season. We will today, attempt to design a complete wardrobe (right from outfit to make up)for you and give you 11 fashion tips for monsoon that will help you dress up perfect.

1. Go bright in monsoons

Bright colors in Monsoon
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Monsoon season is not so much favorable to the color pellet; it is all grey, white and black. To add some brightness to this season, add some colors like red, orange and blue to your wardrobe.  Do not wear white in this season because white dress becomes transparent in rain. Shirts colors can vary from pink to red.


2. We have a solution when it comes to formal wear

What to wear in monsoon
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Long bell-bottoms are a big no in monsoon season. Trousers get really messy from the bottom rims in the rainy season. What looks smart is formal skirt along with a decent shirt. You can either carry the tug-in style or wear the short shirt. Add on some formal heels and you are all set for your corporate hours.

3. Managing Indian outfit by keeping it to basics

Head to toe fashion tips for women in monsoon season
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If you are an ethnic fan then you have some choices. Go for a short Kurti along with legging or with Churidar. Some dressing styles like Patiala and Salwars should be avoided in the rainy season because wet Patiala & Salwars becomes bulky. Also, avoid carrying long dupattas in rain; instead replace it with a stole or scarf.

4. Footwear- a big no to leathers

Head to toe fashion tips for women in monsoon season
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Pairing your outfit with leather shoes or sandals is not a good move in rainy season. Leather footwear soaks a lot of water within itself and takes a lot of time to dry out. Instead, go for flats, floaters or jelly shoes. One good thing about jelly shoes is that it is slip resistant. (I did mention that you can wear sandals but avoid loose sandals because you will splash water back at yourself when you walk in rain).

5. Hair- Sometimes tying is the best fit

hair in monsoon
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This part is kind of simple; you will definitely not want that your hair should get wet in monsoon season and eventually get rough. The best possible way out in this season is to tie your hair in a ponytail or make a classy bun. If your schedule demands you to wear formals (specifically western), then you should try those classic buns and ponytails. If you plan to wear Indian outfit, you can definitely go for braided hair.

6. Makeup- Keep it very simple

fashion tips for monsoon
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Use makeup as less as possible. You can maybe go for a waterproof eyeliner and lipstick but that should be it. Until and unless it is a grand occasion, avoid using foundation. Avoid mascara at all cost because wet mascara dripping inside your eyes is so not a good thing.

7. No Tights

fashion tips for monsoon
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Monsoon season, especially in India, comes along with extremely humid weather (more so if you happen to put up in Delhi and nearby areas). In this season, avoid wearing tight denim. They stick badly to your body and make you feel irritated at the end of the day. You can try frocks in the rainy and humid season.

8. Jackets and long coats- Adds onto your whole attire

fashion tips for monsoon
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Monsoon season can also bring some chilled winds along with itself. You can team up your casual dress with a long windcheater or jacket. You may get some light fabric shrugs. They look chic and protect you from chilled monsoon winds.

So stop worrying about the rain and dresses mess up. It will make you look even more beautiful.

Love it and Rock it!

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