The Court Grants Woman Divorce Over Lack Of Home Toilet
And calls the lack of toilet a cruelty

A family court in Rajasthan’s Bhilwara district has granted a woman divorce while ruling that having no toilet at home is cruelty to women.

The woman, who was married to a family in Atun village of Bhilwara district in 2011 filed a divorce petition in the family court in 2015 on the grounds that the house of her husband didn’t have any toilet. The family court in the district has granted the divorce ruling that no toilet at home is cruelty to a woman. She was staying with her parents from past two years.  Earlier, in the proceedings, the court had asked the petitioner’s in-laws and husband to provide an evidence of toilet in their house but they failed to furnish.

Finally, the court granted the divorce.

In this case, the court’s judgment says: “We spend money on buying tobacco, liquor, and mobile phones, but are unwilling to construct toilets to protect the dignity of our family.”


“In villages, women have to wait until sunset to answer nature’s call. This is not only physical cruelty but also outraging the modesty of a woman.”

Last year, Unicef estimated that about half, about 600 million of the Indian population do not use toilets and defecate in the open.

But this is not the first time that a marriage has been called off over a toilet.

Last year a woman refused to tie the knot after her fiancé refused to build a toilet in the house. In June another courageous woman refused to return to her in-laws until they constructed a toilet for her and family.

A ridiculous irony: About 70 percent of Indian households do not have toilets, although 90 percent have access to mobile phones. We really need to get our priorities straight

This is nothing but disgrace in this developing 21st century. Even Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization were much better than us!

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