China Calls Sushma Swaraj’s UN Speech “Arrogant”, Needs To Take A Long, Hard Look At Itself
Even Big Buddy Can't Correct The Blunder

The heated exchange between India and Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly now has another player. Unsurprisingly, China stepped in to support its long-time buddy, Pakistan, when it really needed it. In a response to Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj’s hard-hitting speech at the UNGA, China said that the speech was “arrogant” and also termed India’s stance as “bigotry.”

An editorial in the tightly-run state media said, “With smooth development of its economy and foreign relations in recent years, an arrogant India has looked down on Pakistan and assumed a haughty air with China.”

In all its attacks towards India, the editorial did admit that there is terrorism in Pakistan.

“There is indeed terrorism in Pakistan. But is supporting terror the country’s national policy? What can Pakistan gain from exporting terrorism? Money or honour,” the editorial said.

China’s Hypocrisy

The editorial, titled ‘India’s bigotry no match for its ambition,’ also said that India is taking for granted that it should be “feared” by its neighbouring nations. You know, the same thing China has been doing for decades.

According to the editorial, India should befriend China and respect Pakistan. One nation must respect another, of course. But when a nation’s sovereignty is threatened time and again, should it cower out of fear and “respect” or should it fight back and let the neighbours know that it won’t tolerate any violations?

China also seems to think that India should be oblivious to obvious threats from countries that we share borders with.

“India also seems to assess China’s strategic hostility with its own logic: China’s sound relations with Pakistan are to counter India. China’s road construction in Doklam is to threaten the security of its Siliguri Corridor and China’s Belt and Road initiative operates programmes with Pakistan and other South Asian countries to encircle India. In any case, India’s interests always reside at the epicenter of this logic.”

Well, can you blame us?

India has fought wars with both countries and has suffered immense damage. So when two unfriendly neighbours, on either side of the country, start collaborating, it’s only natural for India to be highly concerned about these developments. How is this seen as a fault by anyone?

Pakistan Runs to Big Buddy After Its Massive Blunder

It’s obvious that Pakistan needed backing from its giant friend. After all, when your country’s representative makes a huge blunder during a speech watched across the globe, what are your options anyway? One has to bring out the big guns. Pakistan’s Representative to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi, flashed a picture of a woman injured with pellet guns and said this was a result of India’s alleged atrocities in Kashmir. But, as it was soon revealed, the picture had nothing to do with Kashmir. The picture was taken in 2014 by photographer Heidi Levine at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, and the woman in the picture was identified as Rawya abu Jom’a. Far away from India or Pakistan.

Pakistan at the UNGA, showing picture of Gazan woman

Speaking at UN needs some homework. In this case, looks like quantum mechanics for them!

This level of error can only be expected by an amateur researcher who didn’t think of verifying a picture they found on Google Images. When your own representatives are making such shameful errors on a global stage, it was natural for Pakistan to seek help from a higher power – China.

And China delivered for Pakistan, as it always does.

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