This Children Maternity Wear Launched To Highlight 7 Million Under Age Pregnancies
Unnatural and disturbing for a reason

A day has come when a biting issue needs to be highlighted by bringing a commercialising edge to it. Paola Suhonen, a well-known fashion designer has created a “Maternity Wear for a 12-Year-Old” campaign to bring attention and raise awareness of the problem of childhood pregnancy in many countries. The intention of this campaign is also to drive donations for the children’s rights organization, Plan International.

Many of us are not aware of the issue that around 7 million under-18 girls in the developing or under developed countries become pregnant every year. We can well imagine the disastrous possible results possible from this. In the worst cases, the pressure can drive girls to suicide.

The collection has been modeled by Fridah, a 12-years-old Zambian girl whose baby is due in September and photographed by award-winning photographer Meeri Koutaniemi.
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The campaign and the organization have also launched an online film which promotes the initiative by showing a group of children cheerfully playing contrasted with Fridah carrying a baby at such tender age.


“Getting pregnant was just one mistake and now my life is ruined. I cannot go to school or play with my friends,” Fridah stated. “If the pictures will help other girls, then I am happy.”

We hope this campaign will make a difference and people will think about the vulnerability of such children.

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