This Indian origin kid has become a sensation in the land of Britain
His IQ is more than Albert Einstein's and Stephen Hawking's

Rahul, a 12-year-old Indian origin boy, became an instant sensation after displaying his intelligence and panache. Recently, Rahul took part in a show broadcasted on Channel 4, Child Genius. He answered 14 out of 14 right questions in the first round of the competition.

It is believed that Rahul has an IQ score of 162 which is more than that of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. This is the reason that “The overnight sensation of India” got an entry ticket to Mensa Club. An entry to Mensa Club is a thing of honor as it is the oldest society for high IQ people.

(There is, however, no scientific method to calculate IQ level which is why there is no record of accurate IQ score of past geniuses. All the scores are just an estimate.)

Child Genius is a TV show where 20 children in the age group of eight to twelve will be tested through various competitions, organized over several weeks. A winner will be announced from amongst those 20 contestants.

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The first round of the competition was related to spellings and vocabulary. Rahul secured exact score in the spelling test and recited big words like accouchement, garrulous and hyponatremia, correctly. The next round of the competition was a time memory round where the contestants were supposed to answer 15 questions. Rahul answered 14 questions correctly where he ran out of time to answer the 15th question.

In an interview with Rahul, he said, “I always want to do the best, and I’ll do that no matter what the cost. I think I’m a genius. I’m good at mental maths, general knowledge and I find it quite easy to memorize stuff”. He also said that Latin was his favorite language.

Rahul said, “Most kids want immediate gratification but I also want long-term gratification. If I could play maybe my Xbox now, I’ll be really happy now, but I might be sad later on because I haven’t revised for my test”.

Rahul’s definitiveness for his own belief system and his intelligence has made him an overnight success.

However, is it fair to say that Rahul has become an overnight success when he had been preparing for this night for so many years?

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