The Chainsmokers Put Up A Spectacular Show Last Night At Their Concert In Noida
All that happened in their Road to Ultra India Concert

So, The Chainsmokers were in Delhi last night for their concert ‘Road to Ultra India’ after they put a power-packed show in Mumbai on Thursday.

The concert took place at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida where a huge crowd of youth was seen cheering up. The duo was on their Memories tour kicking off in Asia with their latest gigs.

For those who were not able to attend the show, here are the highlights from the concert:

The Grammy winning EDM DJ Duo took over the stage around 8: 30 pm and opened up the show with their Let You Go which crowd sang along to.

Their special mash up followed next. And people couldn’t stop grooving to their music. The Chainsmokers also played their version of Calvin Harris’s How Deep is your love. There were short banters from the duo with the crowd in between when Andrew Taggart asked the crowd “Delhi, How are you feeling”.

It was around 9 when they played “This Is All We Know”. The crowd was overjoyed. They follow it up with Queen’s “We will rock you”


At 9:30 pm, Andrew started singing Closer without the music when the crowd joined them in. The music hit and the crowd went gaga.

The duo was seen wearing T-shirts and jeans. Sweltering in sweat, they enthralled the crowd with a rendition of Honest.

The Delhi crowd sang their loudest when they played “Something Just Like this”. Yes, they played “Don’t Let Me Down” fulfilling their fans’ expectations.


“It’s like a 1000 f***king degrees here, you guys are champions,” Alex Pall announces.

It was around 10 pm when the duo brought the end to the evening. While there was no waving of Indian flag like their show in Mumbai, the spectacular fireworks put an end to the amazing concert as The Chainsmokers bade adieu to Indian fans and left the stage.

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