These Game Of Thrones Season 8 Predictions and Fan Theories Totally Make Sense
It's going to be massive

The long wait for Game of Thrones Season Eight and apparently the final one for the series has begun. But surprisingly and thankfully there’s a lot of content from last seasons to occupy fans’ time for about two years.

A number of big secrets were revealed in Season Seven, there’s a lot more expected in store for the final batch of episodes. And since fan theories seem to be writing this entire show at this point, sometimes it seems GOT is being written by fans themselves. Here are some of the best and logical fan theories and predictions for season 8!

1. Tyrion is actually a Targaryen, too!

Now that we know Jon Snow is a Targaryen, the next surprise sibling will be none other than Tyrion. This comes from the popular A + J = T theory, which means Aerys plus Joanna equals Tyrion. According to the theory, Aerys impregnated Joanna, who died when giving birth to Tywin (similarly, so did two other Targaryen siblings: Jon and Daenerys).

It would also explain Tywin’s final words to Tyrion—”you’re no son of mine”—along with his general disdain for his youngest son. And remember how chill Tyrion was with those little dragons?

2. Tyrion made a deal with Cersei and will betray Daenerys

This is another theory which will make the previous one pretty complicated. Many fans believe that an important conversation went down between Tyrion and Cersei that wasn’t shown in the Season Seven finale.

Remember when Tyrion was convincing Cersei to work with Jon/Dany and noticed that she was pregnant, then the next scene cut to them back in the Dragonpit? During that gap, Tyrion might have made a deal with Cersei to ensure that her unborn child would be the king/queen to succeed Daenerys, who Tyrion believes is unable to have children. That explains Tyrion’s concerned reaction on their steamy romance cruise in the season 7 finale.

3. Daenerys will get pregnant

In the Season 7 finale, Jon Snow and Daenerys took their relationship to the next level by sleeping together.

But curiously, Dany mentioned several times that she can no longer bear children, after she lost her child with Khal Drogo in Season 1. Dany begged the blood magic practitioner Mirri Maz Duur to heal him. Duur warned her that “only death can pay for life”. perhaps the death of Viserion in Season 7 has lifted the curse that was placed on Dany?

4. Arya will become Littlefinger

It would make really pretty convenient for Arya to travel to King’s Landing (where Littlefinger used to have a great deal of power) using his face as a mask. Since she’s the one who carried out the execution, it’s likely Arya can use his as she did with Walder Frey’s in the season premiere. Even if Littlefinger isn’t exactly welcome in King’s Landing at this point, it could be a convenient way for Arya to get close to the people on her kill list down south.

5. Arya will kill Melisandre

Arya needs to resume work on her list, asap. And now that we know Cersei is definitely going to be an idiot and double-cross Daenerys, it makes sense for Arya to go back into assassin mode. Cersei isn’t the only one still on her list. At one point Melisandre was, too. If the Red Queen’s remark to Varys about dying in Westeros is true, it means the Red Queen will be killed in Season 8.

6. Bran is the Night King

While there’s little evidence going into the final season of Game of Thrones, fans are convinced that Bran could be the Night King. They’re comparing the two characters’ wardrobe, and the man whom the Children of the Forest used to create the first White Walker (largely believed to be a Stark). Anything can happen on Game of Thrones!

7. It’s the Cleganebowl

In the Season Seven finale, The Hound tells The Mountain: “What did they do to you? Doesn’t matter. That’s not how it ends for you brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.” This is almost certainly foreshadowing for the duel to come. The Cleganebowl, one of the most beloved Game of Thrones fan theories, has been brewing since Season One, when it’s established that the two have hated each other since they were children, and The Hound’s face is disfigured when The Mountain shoved him into a fire as punishment for playing with his toys.

8. Jaime will kill Cersei, his lover/sister

It would be tragic, and beautiful, and satisfying all at once. Jaime must kill his sister/lover Cersei as she is almost on her way to become the Mad Queen. In the Season Seven finale, Cersei tells Jaime that she plans to betray Jon and Dany even if it means the destruction of the human race. That was the last straw for Jaime, who finally left Cersei.

9. Look, the White Walkers are probably going to win

As we know all too well on Game of Thrones, our heroes almost never win. They die tragically and suddenly. Real justice is rare, if ever. So why should the ending of this saga be any different? And, let’s face it, things aren’t looking too good for Team Human. At the end of Season Seven, the Night King turned one of Daenerys’s dragons into a White Walker dragon, then used it to demolish The Wall that had been keeping them out for thousands of years. So let’s consider this for a second.

10. Sansa and Tyrion will reunite

The last time Tyrion and Sansa are together, they’re unconsummated man and wife living in the Red Keep. Since then, they’ve each gone on the run and endured a lot — particularly Sansa — but each has come to a certain degree of influence as advisers to their own respective rulers. Now that Jon has bent the knee to Daenerys and the entire Targaryen camp is headed to Winterfell to prepare for the Great War, Sansa and Tyrion are bound to reunite.

Is it 2019 yet?

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These Game Of Thrones Season 8 Predictions and Fan Theories Totally Make Sense
It's going to be massive

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