10 amazing vegetarian Bihari dishes to try before you die
Patna mein sab chakhna.

India in itself is one the best multi-cuisine country. Every state in India has something unique to offer to all the foodies out there. But Bihar has a lot to offer. That too in the vegetarian menu! These are so amazing that a butter chicken fan will drool over these. Let’s take you to a quick trip to get the feel of the famous Bihari dishes.

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha Bihari Food
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There are two parts of this dish; Litti and Chokha. Litti is baked dumpling that has a stuffing of gram flour. Chokha is kind of a salsa made by mixing mashed potato, tomato, onion and green chilli. The combination of duo is so filling that you cannot have more than 2-3 (though you will still be salivating for more)

Chana Ghugni

Pindi Chana Bihari Food
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Chana Ghugni is a famous Bihari chickpea snack. You boil chickpea, add a lot of Indian spices to it and garnish it with tomato & onion salsa. It is filling, healthy and very delicious; what else can you need from any food!


Thekua Bihari Dish
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Thekua is a Bihari cookie only crunchier! This sweet dish is prepsared on a very special occasion and is shared amongst friends during festive time. It is made from a mixture of jiggery (not sugar, specifically) and wheat flour.


khaja bihari food

Khaja is another known Bihari sweet. This sweet dist will give you a sense of eating wafers. It is impossible to have just one piece of this sweet dish.


Tilkut Bihari Food
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Tilkut is a sweet dish made from sesame seeds and is eaten only in winters, especially during Makar Sankranti. Mix sesame seeds in jaggery and you get tilkut. Having said that, it is so not about the ingredients but the way it is made; nobody can make it better than the localite of Bihar.

 Alu ka Bhunjiya

 Alu ka Bhunjiya

If you have guessed that this dish has got something to do with Potato then you are right. It is more like a soggy French Fries with a bit of Bihari flavor in it. It is served best as a side dish in the main course platter.


Laai Bihar Cuisine
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This is a sweet, salty and crunchy snack prepared from rice puffs. Just mix some hot jiggery in puffed rice and see the magic. It is easy to prepare and delicious to eat!

Kathal kebab

Kathal Ke Kebab
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Kathal is jackfruit and the whole of Bihar is a fan of Jackfruit. Make a jack fruit paste and mix all kinds of spices in it. Add some onion and tomato in the mixture. Make flat balls and fry them. This is one amongst a few vegan dishes that taste like a non-vegetarian dish. You have to taste it to believe it!

Bihari Badi Kadi

Bihar Badi Kadi
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Bihari kadhi is special because of that ingredient called Badi! Badi is nothing but gram flour dumplings that are fried in oil. Place already prepared Badi in Kadhi, at least an hour before serving; the delicious factor will increase multi-fold after this.


Nimki Bihari Food
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This is a salty and crunchy snack. This snack is made from dough of flour and salt. Roll the dough into a sheet and cut the sheet into small diamonds shape. Fry all the pieces.  This finger food comes in very handy when you have nothing easier to munch onto!

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