You Can’t Call Yourself A ‘Movie Buff’ If You Haven’t Watched This French Movie
Cuppa hot coffee with this movie!

French people have got many things to brag about; French kiss, French toast, & French Cinema. Amelie, a 2001 French Romantic Comedy happens to be a perfect gem in the last category. It is a kind of a movie you thank graciously to its makers to bring such a marvel to people who appreciate good cinema.

This lighthearted movie is about a naïve, innocent girl in Paris who seems lost in her dream world. She grows up with a sad and lonely childhood with her mother gone at a young age. And her father has always remained distant from her.

It is one day when she discovers a childhood treasure box in her apartment and sets on a quest to return to its rightful owner. Motivated by the smile on that man’s face, she makes it her covert mission to make a better life for people around. She finds quirky and childlike ways to spread joy around. She unites people in love, helps her father to get out of his home and travel the world with the help of a garden gnome.

While doing all this, she falls in love with a guy who works at a porn shop and has a weird hobby of collecting torn photographs. Amelie, so miserably in love with him, is shy of confronting him that she literally dissolves into a puddle of water while looking at him. Her quirks and fantasies will absolutely make you fall in love with her.

Will serendipity bring any charm to her love life? Watch the movie to find out.

Audrey Tautou has perfectly portrayed the role of Amelie like she was made to be. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has done a marvelous job at the direction and the story. There is a narrator in the background who sets the course of the movie and the shots that will show you a different Paris. The dialogues from the movie are so simple yet crisp and witty. You will have a chuckle on the characters’ dialogues every now and then. Might even relate to few. Here is an example.

The narrator- Any normal girl would call the number, meet him, return the album and see if her dream is viable. It’s called a reality check. The last thing Amélie wants.

Amelie is a right balance of whimsy, charm, and, comic that you ought to add to your ‘Watch-It’ list, especially if you call yourself a Good Cinema Lover.

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