20 Years To Princess Diana’s Death, Yet The Clouds of Suspicion Hover Over
Who killed Princess Diana?

Princess Di, People’s Princess, or Princess of Wale. Lady Diana had carved a special place in the people’s heart.

On 31 August 1997, when the tragic news of her death came, everyone in the world was grief struck. Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayad were killed in a car accident in Pont de l’Alma Tunnel in Paris.

diana death conspiracy

While much of the media reported that it was a car accident, there are many death conspiracies which indicate it was not accidental. Some believe that they were escaping paparazzi while some say that the Royal family had a hand to play. After her divorce with Prince Charles, she was still being in news with her bold and truth revealing statements in media about how she spent years being the Lady in Royal family and culture.

It has been 20 years to Princess Diana’s death anniversary, yet the questions about her death remain unanswered. There are still a lot of speculations and intriguing aspects which indicate that her death was anything other than a tragic accident and simply can’t be dismissed.

Swapping cars at the last minute

When Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed left the Ritz Hotel in Paris, a different Mercedes was sent to pick them up than the one they had been traveling in for the whole day. Not only this, but there was no backup car as there had been for the rest day.

Diana death conspiracy
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Change of routes

Henri Paul, the driver, took a change of route at the last minute. Instead of taking the quickest route to Dodi’s residence, he took the longest route that would take them through Pont de l’Alma Tunnel, where the accident took place.

diana death conspiracy
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No CCTV footage available

The route was lined with 17 CCTV which to surprise was either turned off or not working at all. This raised a lot of eyebrows since the footage would have been valuable to determine what exactly happened that evening.

diana death conspiracy
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Suspicions around the driver Henri Paul

Henri Paul, who was their chauffeur on that day, was intoxicated three times the limit. He was also found to have been working for both French and British intelligence. Several huge payments were made to his account a month before the accident. But this information was covered up and none of the payments were investigated.

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The speed of the ambulance

According to the investigators, the ambulance that took Diana to the hospital from the scene of the crash was driving at a slow pace of 19 kmph which raised a lot of questions by investigators, researchers, and medical experts.

diana death conspiracy
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The reason provided for the slow speed of ambulance was that it was carrying high-tech medical equipment on board which would have put it into danger because of high speed.

Diana remained in tunnel for 81 minutes

Despite being no damage to her side of the car, Diana wasn’t taken out of the crippled vehicle for almost 37 minutes after the crash. It was a total of 81 minutes before her ambulance had made its way towards the hospital.

diana death conspiracy
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Dr. Jean Marc Martino, who was at the accident scene, was neither questioned about his decisions nor was he made to stand in front of the jury for the official inquiry. Had she been removed from the scene quicker, she may have very well survived.

Tunnel cleaned and reopened within hours of crash

The tunnel where the crash took place was completely cleaned and re-opened to the public again as if nothing had happened.

While it should have been closed for investigation and collection of evidence when something tragic involving Diana had happened. But the investigators insisted that they had retrieved all the evidence from the scene.

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Fishy, no?

Whatever the truth is, these observations point out that even though the case has been shut, some gaping holes remain open in the official story of the events. 20 years ago, we lost a lady with a golden heart and who was indeed the ‘Queen of People’s Hearts’.

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